21 Gifts for Father’s Day

Gifts for Father's Day 2018

While I always think it’s best to spend time with your father on Father’s Day — everyone is different and not everyone can be with their dad on Father’s Day. I also love the gift of experience — doing things together, creating memories, or giving your father something they wouldn’t get or do for themselves.

Has he always wanted to learn how to do carpentry? Sign him up for a woodworking class. Is there a golf course he wants to play but has never bit the bullet because the fees are on the high side? Get him a tee time. One year for my dad’s birthday we did a brewery tour, it was a blast.

Gifts don’t have to be super expensive, as cliché as it is — it’s the thought that counts. But I’d like to add, that it’s the time that counts too. Simply spending time with your dad on Father’s Day, fixing a meal for him, watching what he wants to watch, doing what he enjoys doing — might just be what your dad wants the most.  Of course you’ll have to figure that out on your own — I don’t know your dad!

But if you do want to get your dad something physical, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

1 // My husband was dying for this Sonos Soundbar so when our last set of speakers blew, we went for it. I can tell you from experience that IT IS AMAZING. We love it! We have the Sub too which makes a huge difference in sound quality.

2 // If your dad is a Washington Capitals fan, this Capitals hat is affordable but doesn’t scream SPORTS if he has a more subdued vibe.

3 // I actually have the smaller version of this Yeti Rambler and I love it. I like that I can open and close the lid and that it keeps my drinks really cold or really hot for hours. Dad’s like their beverages too, and this one fits in a cup holder!

4 // For the dad that likes to be prepared for everything, this handy pocket knife & tool has just about everything.

5 //  Okay, if your dad doesn’t have the Apple Airpods yet, they are a GREAT gift. I am OBSESSED with mine. I was talking to a friend’s husband who is really tall, and he said the Airpods made such a huge difference for him because cords on headphones were never long enough from his ears to the phone in his pocket. So they are good especially for tall guys!

6 // Easy throw down bases for kickball or any type of game that needs bases!

7 // Anytime I think about kickball my mind immediately goes back to when we played almost everyday at recess in 3rd grade. Now the whole family can play!

8 // A T-shirt from a local store or of his favorite team is always a hit.

9 // For a practical, affordable, and comfortable gift, these Adidas slides are something he’s sure to get some use out of.

10 // A gift we often get my dad is alcohol. Not all dad’s are into whiskey and bourbon and scotch or wine, but some are. My siblings and I usually get him an expensive bottle of his favorite drink. If your dad is a wine guy, you could get him some clean wine (chemical-free, additive-free, pesticide-free, & no added sugar), or you could even give him the gift of a wine club!

11 // Chic up his sneaker collection (or lack thereof) with these cool sneakers (they come in 6 colors!).

12 // If your dad is the type to always be losing his keys, phone, and wallet — you NEED to get him a Tile.

13 // Because what guy doesn’t want a rolling cooler!? We actually have this, and every time guys come over it’s the first thing they comment on.

14 // For the colorful sock lover, these Mike D. x Clare V. socks are super cute.

15 // So his Apple Watch has a place to live, this Native Union dock gives it a manly home, and now he’ll never lose it. Also comes in white marble.

16 // For his mancave or office, this Jonathan Adler Dartboard is fun but won’t kill the vibe you have in your home.

17 // Does your dad drink A LOT of coffee? Solution — a bigger coffee mug.

18 // For the dad who loves to grill and try new recipes Michael Symon’s Playing With Fire is a great gift.

19 // Is your dad suffering from allergies, get him the gift of fresh air with the Dyson Air Purifier.

20 // Not one to plan too far in advance? Get dad this rapid meat defrosting tray for those last-minute cook outs!

21 // Full disclosure, I actually clicked on these Bear Paw Shredder Claws because I personally want them. I’m always shredding meat with a fork, and using these would be so much easier!

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