22 Things to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

***This sale was only on July 11, 2017. Until next year!***

Well, the 22 best things I could personally find in the Amazon Prime Day Sale that is. To be completely honest, this is the most confusing sale ever. Some deals on the Amazon app, some on Alexa (I have both), some online. It’s SO CONFUSING! Sorry Amazon, I love ya, been a Prime member for YEARS, but this sale is crazy. As someone trying to do picks for my readers, having different sales on different days with different products, some getting “leaked” early — ah! I didn’t even attempt to go into the electronics section. If you want those, you’ll just have to do the digging yourself!

BUT I endured the confidential Amazon Prime Day sale Excel docs and clicked through the links to pick out what I think are some of the best finds available on Amazon Prime Day! So if you don’t have time to surf through the sale, here are 22 of the best things I found (click on the slideshow above). At least I’m pretty sure these things are on sale, if they aren’t, or they were on sale yesterday, or they area already sold out, sorry. Again, it was confusing. You DO have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the deals but let me tell you — being a Prime member is TOTALLY WORTH IT. (No, this post is NOT sponsored by Amazon — these are my true feelings!)

Ever since I joined Prime years ago, I’ve been shipping things to my house and office like a boss. Out of paper towels and toilet paper, no problem, ordered. Shipped free, shows up in two days. And I love having the record of when I bought everything. I can see how many paper towels I use in year so much more easily than digging through Target receipts. Plus no lugging bulky things from the car! It’s like a damn dream. I spend my Prime fee in shipping in probably 1-2 months. Not to mention the video options, it’s like free Netflix!

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A few more picks that didn’t make the slideshow: Sol Sana Tina Mule; this cute baby bottle drying rack; my favorite Flair pens; a wet brush; Supergoop! Sunscreen Mist; makeup organizer; this jacketmicrofiber hair turbans; chic luggage; and these baking mats, and this Moroccan Rug.