27 nail products

I am such a nail girl. I like having my nails done at all times, and if they aren’t, or they are chipped — it drives me nuts. I’ve always been good at painting my own nails and I do so at least once a week. I’m always on the lookout for new and better nail products. Especially if they are fast-drying or an amazing topcoat. New colors each season also get me very excited. I’m pretty seasonal when it comes to polish — I wear darks in the winter, and sometimes wear brights in the summer. Neutrals happen year round.

This month I wanted to see if there were some nail products I didn’t know about, so I asked my beauty bloggers what some of their favorite nail products are, and what the best at-home products for nails? I also wanted to know if they had any favorite go-to nail colors for fall/winter and if there are nail trends they were wanting to try.

Continue reading to see what they all recommend!

beauty bloggers recommended nail products

MEGAN SCHWARZ // Seed to Serum

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to nails — I believe that a good hand cream and cuticle oil can do wonders! Indah Organics Raw Asset Hand and Body Balm is a new favorite for keeping my hands soft and moisturized. I was initially worried that it might be a bit greasy, but it absorbs quickly into dry skin. And there is nothing that a little R. L. Linden Lavender + Frankincense Cuticle Oil can’t do for ragged cuticles. It’s limited edition so grab it while you can!
When it comes to nail polish, I love Treat for its “5-Free” commitment and I am totally digging Fashion Week and Street Chic. I may be way off but I’m loving light grey and khaki green for fall. Oh and let’s keep this matte nail trend going. It’s unbelievably chic!


beauty bloggers recommended nail products

LAURIE LEOPOLD // 312 Beauty

I paint my nails dutifully every Sunday – while watching The Good Wife – and know that the difference between a chipped mani the next day and one that lasts until I hang with Alicia Florrick again is a great base and top coat. I love the natural luxe AILA Prime and ‘Better Than Gel’ Top Coat (because it is!).

I’m fixated on a glossy navy nail right now. The key is finding one that is just blue enough it doesn’t look black under the fluorescent office lighting. Deborah Lippmann Rolling in the Deep fits that bill.

I also love manicurist extraordinaire Jin Soon’s seasonal collections. The metallic teal blue. Heirloom for fall/winter is everything.

Professional manis can ruin your nails, truth. Don’t buff your nails raw. Don’t let them cut your cuticles. Treat them with TLC! When I need a buff, I use Revlon Crazy Shine which makes my nail beds look like they belong to an 8-year-old.


beauty bloggers recommended nail products


Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil — My cuticles really take over and disrupt my manis when they are not treated for. This is a great treatment to do at home before bed to soften the base of your nails.

My biggest “nail issue” are the ridges that frequently show up on my nails. The only way to even them out is with a good buffer to soften the surface so that it’s ready for nail polish. I always have a nail buffer on me!
OPI “Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow” nail polish — A deep forest green nail polish that makes you love looking down at your nails. It’s not your traditional deep, dark red, which is why I like something different. It’s dark and mysterious and will always get attention!
Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips — These are the perfect nail solution for when I’m crunched for time. I pop these on and I’m out the door in under ten minutes, with no drying needed (thank goodness).


beauty bloggers recommended nail products
KARA MANOS // Politics of Pretty

Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go Mitts — I haven’t used a traditional bottle of nail polish remover in quite some time because I am so hooked on these to-go mitts. They’re easy to stash in your purse, suitcase or tote.

I love wearing moody polish hues in the fall and winter. Right now I’m alternating between Merino Cool, an autumn mulberry and Chanel Le Vernis in Alchimie, a warm metallic green.

I don’t have the patience for DIY nail art but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after cool digits I find on Pinterest. I stumbled across this Black and White Negative Space nail tutorial and I’m hoping one day I can recreate this, perhaps with the help of a professional.

Sephora Travel Tips Mini Mani Kit — Nothing is more frustrating when I’m traveling and I forgot to pack a nail file or nail clipper. This mini mani kit is the perfect solution if you’re always on the go because it includes all your essentials.


beauty bloggers recommended nail products

ELLE CHOI // Elle Choi

​Ever since I started getting gel manicures, it was pretty much impossible to go back to the traditional manicure. I’m always using my hands all day everyday, so paying for a manicure and seeing it chip within the next day was so frustrating. Gel manicures stay shiny, in tact and perfectly polished for 2-3 weeks, so for me, it’s a no brainer. In the fall, I always opt for dark colors. Currently, I have on this slate grey color from Gelish (similar — Formula X Fathom Slate Blue). I can see myself being obsessed with these darker blue greys for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I always like to go back to neutrals in between darker colors. But when I do get nail art done, it’s all about the unbalance — have fun with it and don’t be so matchy matchy!
When I was in Asia (Korea and Japan), all these girls had their nails decked out with nail art and it was so surprising to me that they had the time to sit there for 2 hours on a regular basis getting their nails blinged out. But when I was shopping in Tokyo, I came across the people of Incoco and they introduced me to their line of nail art stickers (similar here). I’m a huge fan of these designs for at-home application. They’re easy to use, last a decent period of time and look fun as well as chic! But on the regular, I’ll be honest — I can’t stay away from a good ol’ pampering sesh at the nail salon, getting it done by the pros. I’m also loving Nails Inc. Porchester Square and Formula X Wham! White Confetti Top Coat.


beauty bloggers recommended nail products


I get a shellac mani every 2-3 weeks (because how easy is that?!) and in the fall and winter it’s almost always with CND in Fedora, a classic vampy shade that goes with everything and wears beautifully.

That said, I often do my own toes like I’m still in high school. For a lasting DIY pedi its all about the top coat. Sally Beauty Gelous Nail Gel leaves a thick, shiny topcoat that lasts for days and doesn’t require a light or special remover. It’s just a killer top coat.

Keeping my hands and cuticles hydrated requires constant vigilance when you live in Minnesota. I’ve tried just about everything and keep coming back to Aveda Hand Relief, which smells amazing and also gently exfoliates.

One of my discoveries has been navy nail polish. I know—CRAZY!! But I’m a classic girl so would must rather admire all of the patterned trends on other people. Navy, on the other hand, has just the right amount of edge for my heavily striped wardrobe.


beauty bloggers recommended nail products

ERIN SOUSA // The Sparkle

I’m a huge fan of an at home mani! It saves time, and money. What’s better than painting your nails in your jammies while watching your fave show? Good girly fun!

Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed Top Coat  This stuff is magic. It is quick drying to save me from bumping my fresh mani, and the consistency is like a gel top coat. It’s thick and super sleek and shiny.
essie bordeaux Polish — My go-to color for fall. I’ve been wearing this rich and vampy shade all season long.
Graphic Mani — Speaking of my fave fall nail color, this edgy and graphic mani is one I would like to experiment with!
Crystal Nail File — The smoothing crystal is never rough or hard on the nails, keeping them from splitting, and one of these will last years!