Muscles for a Muscle Tee

And it's only $20!

Pink Reebok Tank - Vince Jeans - Meg Biram

We’ve lived in our new house for almost two months and it’s taken me a while to figure out my new routine. You see, DC traffic is a bitch, and I try to avoid it at all cost. Unfortunately, one of the negative effects of the move has been my workout.

When we used to live literally across the street from our CrossFit gym I was going every day Monday through Friday and then hitting up a yoga class on Sunday. Now I make it there 2-3 times a week, and that is about to come to an end as well (for that specific CrossFit gym — it’s just too out of the way to go regularly).

I have been changing it up and running more but I noticed that running daily makes my knees ache a little, and I feel like that’s probably not a great thing. Someone mentioned to me that I should run on trails and that will solve the problem (anyone want to recommend some good ones in NoVa?). I’m going to try that, but it was just so much easier to walk out the door and start a run immediately.

In just three months (because the month of May I was out of town & moving) of changing my workout from CrossFit 5 days a week to 2-3 times a week plus running, I can already see the loss in my muscles. I can tell when lifting that the weight I used to lift is a lot harder, and I doubt I could max as much as I could 3 months ago.

I haven’t decided what to do yet (besides hit up the Solidcore that is near me a few times a month). My favorite yoga studio also isn’t super close, so everything right now just isn’t very convenient (and I really like convenient when it comes to my workout). I prefer taking classes to just joining a gym, but that might be what I end up doing. I’m not the person to do a HIIT workout at home, that just isn’t going to happen.

Maybe with my new wake-up time I can skip the traffic and get to my favorite workout spots in the morning, and find some new ones in my area.

Pink Tank - MegBiram

Let’s chat about this muscle tee shall we. It’s hot AF in DC right now so all clothing has to be loose or barely there. I’ve just embraced that I like pink. I don’t care how basic or Millennial it is. And this muscle tank is only $20 right now at the Nordstrom sale (which is finally open to the public!). The jeans are on sale there as well.

The tank has large holes for your arms (hence the “muscle” name) so the breeze just goes right through to keep you cool. You just have to wear a cute bra or bralette. You can also workout in it if going this casual isn’t your thing.

I’ve already worn it several times since getting it last week, I just love this shade of pink. Also wearing these sunglasses, this tan bag, and these silver slides.


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pink muscle tank - vince jeans - meg biram

Pink Tank - Tan Bag - Blue Jeans - Meg Biram

Vince Jeans - Pink Muscle Tank - Meg Biram

Pink Tank - Blue Jeans - MegBiram

pink muscle tank and vince jeans - meg biram

Pink Muscle Tank - MegBiram

Pink Reebok Muscle Tank - Meg Biram

Pink Tank and Vince Jeans - Meg Biram

Muscle Tank and Blue Jeans - MegBiram

Photos by Emma Weiss