3 Entertaining Novels to Read


I mentioned that I want to read a lot more this year, and even though I set really high goals for myself — I’ve actually been able to read a lot and get close to my reading goal (loose reading goal) of 6-10 books per month.

Let me preface my discussions of these books by saying that I judge them on the writing and entertainment value. I’ve actually been listening to some of the books recently (listened to all three of these) which I think is probably a different experience than reading (I still read other books at the same time).

I’m not a book critic, and I’m not looking for flaws. I read fiction for entertainment, to expand my imagination, better my spelling and grammar, and to support writers. For more hard-hitting reviews, you can read The Times, but I just like to share with you what I found entertaining.

That said, here’s a few thoughts on these novels:


The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins

I loved this book. I like how it exposed some of the strange things humans do. Being someone that actually rides on the train (Amtrak) & Metro (in DC the “subway” is called the Metro) I totally understood the character’s habit of watching people from the train. Also, I’m one of the people who loves to peek into people’s beautiful homes (not in a weird peeping Tom way) but just in a nosy neighbor how-have-they-decorated way, or a what-type-of-art-do-they-have way. You know when you take a long walk on a summer evening in a beautiful neighborhood and if people have their lights on inside you can kinda see in … yep, I’m looking.

I didn’t realize the movie is already out on Netflix — I know what I’m watching tonight! I’m always curious to know whether or not the movie will look like I pictured it in my head. Have you seen the movie/read the book?

**Update, the movie on Netflix is not the same story — but this version is in the making!


The Circle, by Dave Eggers

This book was interesting. It went in a lot of directions I didn’t expect and ended a little quickly. I left the book thinking, what!?! That said, I did enjoy it, and I always try to judge a book on the writing quality and if I was entertained. I was definitely entertained.

I’ve read that Tom Hanks will star in the movie, which seems odd as far as age goes, so we’ll see how that works out. I will definitely be seeing the movie when it comes out.


All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

This novel is set during World War II, and while most of it is obviously unbelievable, I really enjoyed the story. I thought the beginning was a little slow and confusing but once I got the hang of the characters I got more into the book.

The film rights have been acquired, but I’m sure it will take a lot of time and money to make this film, so maybe we’ll see it in few years…

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?


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