standing on a spin bike in spin class

Thoughts during my first spin class:

(before class)

Should I drink more water? Maybe not. Did I drink enough water today?

Where is everyone?

Oh, they’re all on their bikes. Spinning. But class hasn’t even started yet. I’m confused. Why are they doing that.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had Pinkberry an hour ago.

Wow, all of these people have clip-in shoes. Hmmm…

(instructor fits my bike to my body)

Ok I’m spinning. I can do this.

Op here we go, serious spinning now.

Wait, you want me to turn the knob how far?


This is a long hill…

My quads are already burning.

There’s still 37 minutes left, oh shit.

Thank god there is a towel on this bike.

(wiping sweat off of my face)

And the instructor is off the bike walking around class yelling and clapping.

Please don’t come over here, please don’t come over here.

Oh, I love this song.


Really good thing I bought this bottle of water before class.

(sip water)

Wow, I’m sooooo tired.

19 minutes left!!!???

How am I going to finish this class…

(turn resistance down)

What are these weights for?

Damn, she (the instructor) has a sick body.

I wonder if she only does spin or if she does other workouts too?

(pedaling harder)

Wait, you want me to lift these weights while on the bike!?!

Ok I actually like this arm weights portion.

Phew that five minutes went by fast. I can make it.

(pushing myself a little harder)

I’ve GOT to be burning a ton of calories. At least 400.

7 minutes left.

6 minutes left.

I’m pretty sure that clock is in slow motion.

Ahhhh we’re done.

Stretching feels amazing.

(chug water)

Oh ya, gonna be sore tomorrow.

(walking like I just rode a horse for 2 hours)

Wonder how bad my ass is going to hurt?*


*It hurt for 2 days.

Photo by Yvonne Rock at Ride DC. Read my full post on spin class and Ride DC.