My 4 Favorite Pairs of Workout Leggings

Seriously, these are the best.

4 Favorite Pairs of Workout Leggings

Last year one of my main goals was working out regularly (around 5x a week). I definitely accomplished that doing a combination of mostly CrossFit, plus some yoga, solidcore, and running sprints. Because of this I needed a few more pieces in my workout wardrobe if I didn’t want to be doing laundry every few days.

Personally I like to wear workout leggings that go all the way to my ankles. It’s just a preference. In the summer I will wear shorter leggings, but in general I prefer long leggings.

Also, once we got Hemingway, who has mostly bright white hair, I had to start thinking more about the material of my leggings because his white hair sticks to anything and everything. I literally have lint rollers stashed just about everywhere — in my car, at my studio, several at home, and mini ones in my travel kit. Even though we brush him with this amazing dog brush religiously, wash him with deshedding shampoo, and give him no shed pills, and we vacuum and clean our apartment constantly (neither of us can stand hair) his hair still sticks to my clothes. And especially shows up on my black clothing.

Because of the white hair situation, several pairs of my workout leggings that I like, are hair magnets. So I decided I wouldn’t buy anymore leggings with the material that hair sticks to. There are lots of slicker fabrics that his hair doesn’t stick to and that is the only type of workout leggings I’ll buy from now on.

I also prefer leggings that don’t have a ton of seams. Sometimes I’ll wear my working leggings all day (if I don’t have meetings/am not seeing anyone) before I workout in the early evening, and the seams just dig into your skin after several hours. So the less seams the better.

My three big things about workout leggings are that they are long, slick material, and don’t have a ton of seams.

I mostly prefer plain black leggings, or dark leggings. But every once in a while I’ll see a pattern or design that I like.

Currently I have four pairs of leggings that I constantly reach for. I like them all for different reasons.


My 4 Favorite Pairs of Workout Leggings:



These are a recent addition to my workout wardrobe. I’d seen and heard about how comfortable they were, so I had to see for myself. If you don’t see them on the legging wall in the store, ask an associate because they weren’t on the wall in the store that I went to.

I like the minimal seems and they are some of the most comfortable leggings ever. Typical with comfortable leggings, they aren’t shaping at all. So if you are wanting something that also shapes your legs a little, these are not that type of legging. Which is probably why they are so comfortable.

They stayed perfectly in place during my workout and I liked that they were high waist so you can squat and bend without worrying about any muffin top poking out. I found the high waist really comfortable as well.

The only thing I don’t love about them is the the 7/8 length. I’m tall for a girl (5’7) so I think if you are any shorter the length might just seem normal versus slightly short.



If you’ve ever seen someone wearing crazy colors or patterned leggings, there’s a good chance they are Goldsheep. I found the brand while perusing the clothing at CorePower Yoga and then looked them up online.

If you love crazy colors and patterns, this brand is for you. They have leggings patterns for just about every season.

Obviously I’m not into all the crazy patterns and colors, but I do think they are fun and I love when people wear things they love. I have the black rock crystal pattern and LOVE them. I’ve considered buying another pair of the same pattern because I love them so much. I also want to get a pair of the floral noir leggings.

Why do I love these leggings so much? They don’t have many seems, and they are super comfortable. Again, not shaping at all, but extremely comfortable and fun.

I like both these and the Lululemon Like Nothing leggings for all types of workouts because they are on the thinner side. So doing hot yoga in either of these leggings is no big deal. They might not be the best for something outside on a really cold day though.



You may have seen the new legging company that was giving their product out for free, you just had to pay for shipping — that was Girlfriend Collective. I signed up super fast and they are still doing that offer for your first pair of leggings. I actually don’t even think you can buy them yet.

So, what do I think about them? LOVE them. I feel like they are very similar to the Lululemon Like Nothing legging just a little thicker and sturdier. The material is thicker, warmer, more shaping. It has a high waist which I like, and is full length. Very comfortable.

I don’t know that I’d want to wear them to a hot yoga class, but a regular yoga class and all other non-hot workout classes would be totally fine.

I will probably be buying more of these leggings!



These leggings could easily be worn out and about when you aren’t working out. Because of the moto stitching on the knees they have more seams but they don’t bother me on the knee. And the moto look is what makes them so cool (shown in photo above). The material is pretty slick, on the thicker side, and besides the design, I love the fit and the wide elastic waistband.

These leggings stay in place during your workout and after tons of wears and washes they still look and fit exactly the same as they did the first day I got them. I love them and have definitely considered getting another pair!

I also have and love these slick leather-like leggings from Koral. You can definitely wear these out and to workout!

Do you have a few favorite workout leggings? What are they?

I want to try these Adidas leggings — plus they are super affordable! If you are wanting a moto look, these leggings come in almost every color!









The worst thing for your clothing is the dryer. I hang dry probably half of my clothes and all of my workout clothing on a drying rack — even my non-cotton socks! NEVER put your workout clothes in the dryer, unless they are cotton or another trusted fabric that you don’t mind shrinking or the wear-and-tear of the dryer.

Because I’m so vigilant about hanging my clothes I get a lot of wear out of them. I don’t use any special detergents like a sports detergent, but you always could.

If you have any really special or delicate pieces, you can always put them into a mesh washing bag. I do this with all of my bras and some delicates. Also if you are always losing your socks, you could put them in a bag and never lose them!


Photo by Laura Metzler