4 Tips to GSD in your Daily Life

4 GSD Tips

Between interviewing amazing people about how they GSD (get shit done) I’ll be sharing some tips and tactics with you about how I GSD. Today I’ve got four tips that have made a huge difference for me:

1. Filter your inbox.

Thanks to the Taming Your Inbox post Jess did, I’m working on whittling down my inbox. Her filters tip saved me. I used to get 200+ emails a day and I constantly unsubscribe to things that I just “happened” to get signed up for (i.e. I didn’t sign up for them). Now, all the emails I get that I don’t necessarily want to unsubscribe to (newsletters, marketing emails from my favorite sites, Refinery29, etc.), but just want to read when I actually have time — not in the middle of my work day (you start clicking & getting off track and then an hour later, you still haven’t finished that project you started). So by filtering all of my fun emails into one folder that I can check at the end of the day if I want it saves me all of that time during they day that I spend glancing at those emails. I’ve set them up to go straight into my folder (which I called Art.Fashion.Shop because that is pretty much what is in there) so they don’t stare at me all day in my inbox. Not being able to see them makes a huge difference for me. I also created a To Read folder for any regular emails I get that are heavier reading types of emails and I filter them into that folder. (Click here to get detailed instructions from Jess on how to do this for gmail).

2. Don’t check your email in the morning until you finish an important task or project.

This is so key in getting things done. Take your hardest longest task and tackle it first thing without checking your email (if at all possible). Obviously you may have to retrieve information via your email, maybe prep it the day before and get it out so there isn’t the chance of you getting lost in your email. By NOT checking your email, you won’t get distracted in responding to things that take you away from your main tasks and projects for the day. Once you finish a project, then set a specific amount of time to check and deal with emails. Stop again, and work on another project without checking email. You see the cycle I’m suggesting here? Lesson is — limit your email checking so you can focus on actual work.

3. Make your to-do list for the next day at the end of each work day.

I don’t know about you but if I don’t to this, (or keep a running list on TeuxDeux or put tasks on my Google Calendar) then I just think about my to-do’s all night. By having your list already made you won’t be thinking about it for the rest of the evening and you won’t be fiddling around in the morning trying to figure what to tackle first that day.

4. Make a project list and do one per week.

This project list is for all of those things around your place you want to get done. My list sounds something like this: go through magazines, prep my taxes, make clothing donation bag (i.e. go through closet), you catch my drift. Instead of looking at this list like ahhhh that is so much and letting it overwhelm you — look at it one by one and just do one thing per week. Just by making the list and setting a block of time to finish just one things and crossing off that one thing per week, you’ll get four of those projects done in a month. I tend to have a moment (usually on the weekend) where I just want to do everything all at once and I pull everything out of my closet, my bathroom, my desk, and I just end up creating a giant mess that is way too much for me to tackle in one afternoon. So by setting a limited goal and having not only the satisfaction of crossing if off, but also of having whatever that is done, is so fulfilling.

What strategies do you do to #GSD?
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