ceiling at the peninsula hong kong

The gorgeous ceiling at The Peninsula in Hong Kong.

If you followed my travels through China last week on Instagram, twitter or Facebook, you have an idea of what I was up to. Let’s just say that 48 hours is not enough for Hong Kong, or most cities for that matter. BUT here’s what I was able to pack into 48 slightly jet-lagged hours.




I arrived at 6am a little tired, but the excitement of my first time in Hong Kong kept me alert. I was greeted at the airport by staff from The Peninsula who walked me through the airport and to one of their infamous green Rolls Royce cars…which had wifi…so I’m basically ruined from traveling non-wifi-non-Rolls-Royce to and from the airport for the rest of my life. The DC metro will never live up to it…

So yes, comfy in the back of the Rolls, I checked my email, instagram, twitter, etc., like bloggers do. Since I knew that my days being chauffeured in a Rolls were numbered, I had to snap an Eva Chen pic. And soon enough there were so many buildings to stare at, I was just open-mouthed staring out the window to what seems like a million super-high apartment buildings. One right after another, right after another.

Someone once told me that Hong Kong was like New York on steroids. And yes, that is basically exactly what it’s like, with like 17,392 more tall buildings.

After about 40 glorious Rolls Royce minutes, we arrived at The Peninsula where my room was ready for me. I think I may have just sat there for a few minutes staring out the window at the Hong Kong skyline, taking in the fact that my room had a sick view of Hong Kong and that this was probably going to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

room at the peninsula hotel hong kong

My favorite spot to sit in and look at the view in my room at The Peninsula

Before I messed up my hotel room, I had to snap photos of every inch and take videos so I can share them with you. To get the lighting and the angle just right it can take a while. Add jet lag and I probably spent way too long taking photos and video. Then I fully unpacked, requested a steamer to my room which arrived promptly, and steamed out all of my clothes. Had to get in a little work, and then a shower after a 15-hour flight was very necessary.

bathroom at the peninsula in hong kong

With jet lag, I’m sure I took excessively long to get ready, but also because I was obsessed with the white marble bathroom with a sick view of the Kowloon side (Hong Kong island is across Victoria Harbour from The Peninsula, The Peninsula is located on the Kowloon side). Basically I wasn’t in a hurry…

iced latte from starbucks in hong kong

I finally surfaced and left my room to take a walk along the Victoria Harbour where I met two people from Malaysia. We walked along the Harbour together for a while snapping photos. The second I saw a Starbucks it was like something overtook my body and drew me in. I needed an iced latte like I’ve never needed an iced latte in my life. Thank you Starbucks for literally being everywhere. Even though I had a reservation for tea at 3pm, I needed a latte stat. Jet lag was beginning to set in.




tea at the peninsula in hong kong

First on my actual schedule was the famous afternoon tea at The Peninsula. Because Hong Kong was a British territory from the ’50s until 1997, there is a strong British influence there, and tea is a big deal. It’s true, people really do line up to go to tea at The Peninsula. I very much enjoyed my afternoon tea in the elegant lobby. I’d love to go back and enjoy it again with some of my best lady friends.

urinals at felix at the peninsula hong kong

After tea, I took a tour of the hotel and got to see all of the inter-workings. I even went into the men’s restroom at Felix to see the famous urinals that face the windows.




Oh, the spa. Want to treat yourself after a 15-hour flight? Book a full-body massage and a facial back-to-back. Done. They suggest that you arrive an hour before your appointment so you can leisurely change, and enjoy all of the amenities the spa has to offer. Do that, I did not.

I was looking forward to this two hours since the second I knew they were going to happen weeks before. I had a slight headache from the flight I assume, and when she said “scalp massage” I about died inside. Sure enough about 90 minutes in, she started in on my head and I immediately fell asleep. I must have felt that amazing, because I have never in my life fallen asleep during a spa treatment. I’m dozing off just thinking about it…

hong kong skyline at night

My spa room faced the view of Hong Kong, so when I woke up, I had been elevated (super fancy massage beds) and was looking at the lit up night skyline. Pure bliss I tell you. I was literally in a post-spa daze. Nirvana really.

I would have loved to just sit in the spa for another 30 minutes and enjoyed the sauna, etc., but I had to high-tail it up to my room to change for my dinner reservation at Felix. Had to fit in as much as possible in 48 hours!




felix at the peninsula hong kong

The dramatic entrance to Felix.

I had reservations at 8pm for dinner at Felix, which is the Philippe Starck designed restaurant in The Peninsula. With floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Kowloon and Hong Kong side, this dining experience was a must. As much as I didn’t want to rush my post-spa nirvana, I was told the light show started a 8pm and it was great to watch from Felix, so I wanted to make it in time.

My meal was beyond delicious. Definitely a cool experience that I highly recommend.

the bar at felix the peninsula hong kong

The bar at Felix during the daylight.

Also, inside of Felix are two little bars the architecture is hard to describe, but they are literally like two upside-down cones, with a bar on top. Also with a view. I decided having at least one drink up there was a must. When in Hong Kong, right?! So even though my body was saying pleeeeease let me sleep, I took that stay-awake-as-long-as-possible-to-beat-jet-lag advice very seriously. I walked up the cone, sat down and had a drink. I was sitting next to four friendly guys from India who in Hong Kong for a pseudo-bachelor party. They were super nice as they humored all of my questions about Indian culture, arranged marriages, etc. They were complete gentlemen and I felt like I got a great dose of Indian culture education.

Ok, now time for bed. Slept like a damn rock in my cozy bed at The Peninsula. Love that they put water bottles on the nightstands because I woke up around 4am and chugged one.

My second day in Hong Kong, travels to Shanghai, and travel tips all coming up soon!



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