GSD Week Notepad - Meg Biram

Today I’m over on Glitter Guide sharing five of my favorite bits I’ve learned by doing my GSD (get shit done) column since 2012. These pieces of wisdom have stuck with me over the years of interviews, so I hope they help you too!

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Above is my GSD Week Notepad. I designed it to be extremely simple so that you could use it however works best for you. I’ve seen people use it completely different ways that I never even though of! Some use it to block off four chunks of time each day with a task. Some use it for meal planning — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Some use it as an actual calendar. I love that it’s a notepad, because unlike a planner, if you mess up or want to rewrite your month, you just tear it off and start fresh — good for all of use perfectionist types!

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Photo by Abby Jiu