5 Productivity Tips + A Tunic

Meg Biram at Standing Desk

tunic / jeans (similar) / sandals / watch / ring

The fun peeps over at Tuckernuck came over to my studio last week for a fun shoot (did you know they are based in DC?!). We did more talking than shooting, a typical entrepreneur thing — always chatting away about business! It’s like how parents just understand each other, they get the craziness of having and raising children! I think for entrepreneurs it’s similar, you can both commiserate on entrepreneurial woes, growth pains, cash flow, etc. Basically I could talk to those ladies for HOURS, but I digress…

Meg Biram // Georgetown Studio

candle / iphone case / GSD Master List / Focus Post-it

They came over to shoot my studio because they featured me on their blog yesterday — check out 5 of my Productivity Tips over there!

Meg Biram // Georgetown Studio

But can we talk about this tunic!? It’s amazing. I wore it in NYC last week and my friend and fashion designer Hunter Bell was even like — what is that tunic!?!

Meg Biram // Slide Sandals

And I’ve already told you about how amazingly comfortable these slides are. Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a more comfortable sandal. AND they aren’t very expensive for a high quality sandal!


Photos by Tuckernuck