58 Products Beauty Experts are Excited About for Spring

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I’m so glad you were all excited about the return of the monthly Beauty Expert column — me too! Now my beauty wishlist is very long with all of their recommendations!

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the first post, definitely go back and read it, you can read the full bios of my beauty experts and learn about their different skin types.

It is finally officially spring! So I asked the beauty experts this month if they change anything about their beauty routine or colors they wear when the season changes.

I also wanted to know what products they are most excited about using this spring.

I’ll kick it off. Like my wine, I’m very seasonal when it comes to certain things. Rosé in the spring/summer, red wine in the fall/winter. That said, I feel similarly about nail polish. In the fall/winter I wear mostly black, and in the spring/summer I wear mostly light nudes.

The warmer weather makes me not want to wear heavy dark eyeshadow. And during the week if I’m not going to any meetings or events I like to wear as little makeup as possible. My NARS Hot Sand Illuminator is not only a staple for highlighting around my eyes and upper cheekbones, but now I also swipe it on my eyelids to give them a little something on my lids without having to do much. It’s just a hint of color that looks natural.

Since I’ve finally grown my hair out enough to wear it down (been wearing it in a bun for two years due to “the incident”) I’m excited to test all sorts of wave sprays and texturizing sprays to find what works for me. I recently bought the travel size of the Ouai Wave Spray and Ouai Texturizing Spray and I’m especially loving the wave spray.

This spring I really want to give dry brushing an actual try. I bought a dry brush back in 2015, but it’s always under my sink so I always forget to use it. I keep reading amazing things about dry brushing and circulation, so I really want to give it a shot. I’m going to get a cute hook and hang it in my bathroom so I don’t forget to do it!

Now let’s hear from the experts on how they change up their beauty routine for the new season and what products they are excited about this spring!

Kate Bryan's spring beauty recommendations.

Kate Bryan // Founder of The Small Things Blog

I love springtime and always tend to incorporate a bit more color into my beauty routine this time of year. With all the brown-toned lip colors and neutral shades of nail polish that were on trend this winter, it’s fun to change everything up and feel refreshed.

I’ve been opting for blush pinks on my nails, which is a super easy shade to wear as it goes with everything. I love OPI’s Original Nail Envy Strengthener Color in Bubble Bath. It’s a nail treatment with a sheer color infused into it. It makes my nails feel great, and is perfect to use between gel manicures.

I found an awesome cream eyeshadow at the drugstore last month. It’s by Revlon and called ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow. I love the shades Caramel and Praline. It’s shimmery and goes on like a dream. I love how it balances darker eyeshadows in the crease for a bright-eyed look.

I’m working on a very gradual fake tan using St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Gradual Tan Everyday Lotion in light/medium. I had a bad experience with a popular drugstore brand, so I opted for a highly recommended brand that I found at Sephora instead! So far I haven’t had a single streak or dark spot, and I’m very pleased with the subtle scent! My skin is so fair that a dark tan would look ridiculous on me, so I love just a bit of color.

Springtime where I live means humidity is kicked up a notch, so I pulled out my KMS HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal from my beauty closet. It’s one of the best humidity resisting products I’ve ever used.

Finally, I’ve been wearing Love Of Color’s vibrant matte lipstick in Playful on repeat! Not only is it a perfect spring coral/pink, but I curated the color for Birchbox myself! It was such a fun project and it’s surreal to see my very own shade on my lips!

Laurie's April Beauty Recommendations

Laurie Leopold // Founder of 312 Beauty, former Beauty Editor at Clementine Daily

I always change up my beauty seasonally – I want and need different things in my makeup and skin care depending on what’s happening outside. Chicago experiences such extreme fluctuations in temperature. Just last week it dropped more than 30 degrees in a matter of minutes (fun!). This means I don’t pack away my heavier creams just yet. I layer a healthy amount of Drunk Elephant LaLa Retro Whipped Cream every night over my serums and treatments and wake up every morning with smooth skin.

I have blush ADD but have been wearing Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze almost every single day since it launched in March. It’s the color of grape jelly and sheers out to a really natural flush. I’ve been really excited by the minimal dewy look and let my cheek be the statement.

Because of seasonal allergies, I tend to wear less eye makeup in the spring. I’ve been swiping the new pearly Ciate Dewy Stix on my eyelids to get the glossy dewy look and pairing it with Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara which doesn’t move for anything. Seriously – you don’t even have to get the waterproof version. It also holds a curl better than any other mascara I’ve used. I love starting a season with a new tube!

I’m also really excited for spring nail colors. LVX Nail Polish in Camelia is the perfect pop of pink. I’ve been wearing it on my toes and can’t wait for true sandal season to show it off!  The first pedicure of the season is always epic and much-needed.

Eileen's spring beauty favorites.

Eileen Dautruche // Founder of Miss Whoever You Are and Beauty Vlogger

As soon as spring hits, I like to switch up my makeup accordingly. This spring it’s all about glowy, radiant skin with juicy pops of color on the lips and cheeks.

I’m usually a full coverage foundation kind of girl but MAC’s new Next To Nothing Face Colour has piqued my interest. It’s a sheer tinted cream that can be worn under or over foundation, or worn alone for a slight tinted luminosity to skin. Dab this on and add a bit of concealer and you’re good.

The Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo is such a good product for quick and easy application. It’s semi-opaque formula and is completely buildable in terms of coverage. It glides on lips and is super creamy yet lightweight. I already own the shade Activist and have Explorer, Protector, and Leader in my Sephora basket.

This coconut-infused gel highlighter is perfect for spring! Applied with a brush, you can get a soft, flattering glow or build it up to be more intense if that’s your thing. It’s formulated with five forms of coconut and Provitamin B5 help hydrate and nourish skin. Another tip would be to mix it with your foundation for a lit-from-within glow.

I love blush! There’s nothing better than a flush of color on the cheeks to liven up the face. Natasha Denona’s formulas are so soft and silky. The shades Electric Pink and Golden Caribbean Coral look intense but look natural and bright (apply with a fluffy brush to avoid applying too much product).

I love to highlight my face and my body. I just want to glow all over! A great touch is to add a shimmering body lotion to look radiant and lean. Kopari’s Coconut Body Glow has the hydration benefits of coconut oil, while giving skin a radiant shimmer.

Claire Ashley's Spring Beauty Recommendations

Claire Ashley // Makeup Artist and Beauty Vlogger

I have not been to the nail salon since I’ve discovered the ImPRESS press-on nails line. I recently got engaged and did not have a mani ready (I knew the proposal was happening), so I ran to my local drugstore and bought these incredibly affordable and realistic press-on nails for the big moment. They lasted for over two weeks! I’ve tried press-on nails before and other brands have never nailed the formula (pun intended), finish, and longevity so well. I love the fun color range they have for spring and I will definitely be wearing these all season long!

Whenever it’s springtime I can’t help but turn up my blush game. The new Glossier Cloud Paints are the most fuss-free way to apply blush, while also giving you the perfect amount of color. It’s super easy to apply with your fingers and if you’re in a rush. All the colors are gorgeous, but my personal favorite is the shade Haze, which gives a beautiful pink hue to your cheeks. There’s also no harsh lines like a powder sometimes gives after application.

I’ve reached for the Jo Malone Wild Bluebell cologne the last two years during spring. I’ve never received so many compliments on a perfume and I love how long it lasts after a few spritz in the morning. If you like the smell of lilies, persimmon, and white musk — this is heavenly! I also just love most of the Jo Malone colognes … you can’t go wrong with her fragrances.

I have been creating a lot of braided hair tutorials, most of the time it’s due to laziness! I typically only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, depending on how much I’m working out so I find the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo to be the best way to make my hair look, smell, and feel the cleanest when it’s actually not. After I spray it and brush it out then it gives me volume and allows me to style my hair into braids looking like I tried harder than I actually did. It also doesn’t have the white residue, which is hard to find in a dry shampoo.

This time of year I start to get a base tan and prefer to wear less makeup. In the morning I will just reach for my Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler to make my eyes look bigger and to give my eyes a pop in the morning. It makes a huge difference, especially when I’m wearing less makeup. Springtime is when I like to get out the door fast and I can’t leave my place without doing a couple pumps with this eyelash curler — it is life changing!

Tara of Follain shares her April Beauty favorites.

Tara Foley // Founder of Follain

When spring brings warmer weather, I begin spending way more time outdoors — exercising, walking to work (when possible), and more. This means I begin wearing more SPF — always physical, mineral sunscreen blockers. Not only are most conventional chemical sunscreens filled toxic ingredients, they also don’t block the sun in the same way zinc can. I honestly think I spend more time in the sun in the spring — when the weather is beautiful and bearable — as opposed to summer when it’s super hot and I’m better about wearing hats and staying under umbrellas. Good thing some of my favorite products and brands have SPF products that I turn to. And good thing for my favorite purifying cleansers and masks that remove the product residue and prevent any kind of build up or break outs.

High powered, hydrating, and anti-aging, this Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 with non nano zinc works for pretty much every skin type, even dry skin, due to all of its nourishing oils.

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner has the perfect amount of sheer color to transition from day to night as the days get longer.

For removing sunscreen, dirt, and debris on the fly, Ursa Major Face Wipes are very helpful when you’re spending more time outdoors!

The La Bella Figura Purifying Manuka Mask is one of my favorite masks year round, it is especially amazing at scrubbing away and removing buildup from product (like sunscreen) without irritating your skin.

Eir Surf Mud Body Oil SPF 15 is a great daily body moisturizer stand in, plus it has SPF and a lovely citrus scent!

Carolyn Hsu's Beauty Favorites for Spring

Carolyn Hsu // Site Director of NewBeauty Magazine

For spring, I’m living for that effortless blotted stained lip look and my favorite lipstick of the moment (maybe of all time) is ColourPop Blotted Lip. It’s moisturizing, has amazing color payoff, a gorgeous stained finish and lasts all day. Plus the color selection is amazing—I have them all but I’m most obsessed with the nude (Drip) and the dark wine (Lolly). They’re also easy things to collect when the lipsticks are only $5 a pop.

I’m also alllll about brightening now that the weather is warmer and I just want to go out with a nude face. No dull skin for me! Amanda Lacey Miracle Tonic is pricy but does such an amazing job exfoliating. I use it morning and night — it’s one step and you don’t need to scrub or wash it off. Plus the pink fluid in the clear bottle is TOO pretty.

Speaking of beautiful skin and light makeup, my daily go-to foundation is the new MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour. It’s great for evening out my complexion and covering any redness but is super lightweight and does not look like I’m wearing makeup at all. I apply it with a foundation brush and my skin looks like it has a filter on it (while still looking natural).

For hair, it’s all about air drying these days. Even though there are SO many air-drying products now out on the market, the one that makes my hair look the best is a leave-in conditioner. Kristen Ess’s new Weightless Leave-In Conditioner smells amazing and leaves my hair super soft and manageable without causing it to poof out or get frizzy. You spray it on when the hair is super wet when you get out of the shower. I interviewed Kristen once and she said leave-in conditioner is the *actual* secret to Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous beach waves (she also air-dries).

The last product I’m basically using on repeat these days is Babe Body scrub. It’s a brand out of Australia that just came to the US and it’s one of the best scrubs I’ve used. It smells amazing and leaves my skin super soft. Plus it doesn’t make your shower slippery like many other wet scrubs I’ve tried. The only downside is that I use A LOT of it so I feel like a container doesn’t last me a very long time — but this one is worth repurchasing. It comes in a few scents, but the green tea is my fave.

April Beauty Favorites by Lara of The Glossarie

Lara Ramos // Founder of The Glossarie and Senior Account Executive for COVERGIRL

Hello spring! This is absolutely my favorite beauty season (fall’s vampy tones just don’t suit me) and I often look to the runways for inspiration on what to wear when the weather warms up just a touch. This spring, I’m trying to pocket some funds by DIYing a few things and also trying to embrace my hair’s natural texture by breaking up with my flat iron. A few heroes in my spring routine:

My hair is naturally wavy and I long for those soft, spirally Sarah Jessica Parker tendrils. The Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel has the soft hold of a gel, the frizz-fighting properties of a lotion, and all of the healthy benefits of coconut oil. My curls are weightless and perfectly shaped without any crunch — and they bounce back on days 2 and 3 with just a spritz of water, meaning less heat styling. This stuff is going to be a staple well into summer!

Years of running have left me with dry heels and crazy calluses that just won’t quit. Come sandal season, I would normally go running to the nearest pedicure chair, but the Korean foot peel craze has really intrigued me. I gave it a whirl with this Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure set and I am in love with the results. It was literally painless, just a few days of mild peeling (most of the dead stuff sloughs off in the shower) and actual soft-like-a-baby feet in the end.

My lips are starting to show their age. They retain less moisture than they used to and since I’m very into stains for spring, all of my finest lines and flakes are constantly on display. This wonder-product from Fresh eliminates all flakes with it’s soft genius little scrubber tip and plumps things up as well. My color goes on more evenly and hangs on longer because the balm is so comforting. I’m in love.

An unexpected hue for the season, I’m loving this fresh periwinkle blue (Exit the Void) from Smith & Cult. Not only are these bottles absolutely gorgeous on the vanity, but something about the way they are shaped and their brush is designed makes painting my own nails a total cinch. The lacquer dries extra shiny and doesn’t give way to chips for at least seven days, making my clumsy DIY efforts absolutely worth it.

I’m fully obsessing over this new Sephora-exclusive line. Everything from the packaging to the shades to the formulas is so well done. This Stellar Cosmic Blush blush in Flare is creamy and luminous, falling somewhere near highlighter land, but still looking very natural. It reminds me of NARS Orgasm, but for someone who just crested over the age of 35, something about this shade is more wearable and a touch more sophisticated. I pop it on the highest parts of my cheekbones and feel instantly pulled together.

Casey's April Beauty Recommendations

Casey Crowe Taylor // Currently at BlueMercury, previously at Birchbox & Victoria’s Secret

I pretty much only wear some kind of neutral or red on my nails but once the weather gets warmer I like to go lighter and brighter. I love Essie’s Topless & Barefoot, an opaque sandy nude, and OPI’s Red My Fortune Cookie which is a bright punchy red.

Once I have to wear sunglasses everywhere, I know it’s time to up to SPF game. I change my daily SPF 30 to SPF 50 and then I’ll carry around an SPF mist, I love Coola’s Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 but right now I’m trying Supergoop!’s new Invincible Setting Powder SPF 40 to apply throughout the day for extra protection.

Air dry season is almost here! Once summer is in full bloom I almost never put heat to my hair so right now I’m bringing out my favorites for air dry styling. I’m totally obsessed with Kristin Ess’ Cleansing Conditioner right now. I hate when my hair is freshly washed, dry, and “fluffy” so using this cleansing conditioner gives me instant second-day hydrated hair and it’s life changing for me. After the shower, I towel dry my hair and use Oribe’s Airstyle Flexible Style and work it through my ends and then pinch a few pieces around my ears and am out the door.

Nadine Matar shares her spring beauty favorites.

Nadine Matar // Hairstylist at PR at Partners K Street in Washington D.C.

My Spring/Summer regime is my favorite. The changes I make are subtle, but make the biggest difference in how my face & hair look and feel as the temps warm up.

This Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner liner is a mainstay in my makeup bag, but in the Spring, I like to switch out Blacquer for Truffle(d), a golden brown, and Code Blue, an electric cobalt blue. I keep liner off my lid and stick to the waterline for a subtle pop.

If the word perfect was a product, it would be this Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin TintIt’s breathable, has SPF without any scent, and gives enough coverage to make me feel polished but never cakey.

I’m constantly finding new ways to use this Rosebud Salve. It lives on my lips year round, but come spring, I put it on my eyelids for a glossy finish.

The hype surrounding this GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD mask is REAL. It refines fine lines instantly, adds glow, and firms skin — all important features when going for a minimal makeup look.

The Kerastase Nectar Thermique leave-in conditioner has endless benefits — I like to air dry with it on day one for a frizz-free, nourished finish, and I love that it protects my hair from heat when I touch up my curls with a flat iron on days 2-4 (yes, you should only shampoo your hair twice a week to avoid dryness and an oily scalp)!

Naina Singla shares her spring beauty favorites.

Dr. Naina Singla // Doctorate in pharmacy, experience in dermatology and facial aesthetics

In the spring and summer months I like to embrace my natural waves a little more and minimize the use of my hairdryer and straightener. I let my hair air dry and I spray the Oribe Apres Beach Spray to give my hair tousled and touchable waves with a little shine.

In the warmer months I like wearing less makeup and I tend to stick with blush colors that are soft and neutral. The NARS blush in Gina is perfect color because it provides a nice natural glow and brightens up my complexion.

In the fall and winter I really like moisturizing with Creme de La Mer at night. But come Spring I prefer to lighten things up and use the La Mer moisturizing soft lotion instead. The soft lotion isn’t heavy but still feels luxurious and very moisturizing.

I usually like to wear darker colors on my nails but this is the only time of year when I will consider lighter colors. I am loving loving blush tones for spring and Chanel Organdi is the perfect nail color to go with all my spring outfits.

There is nothing more important than sun protection, especially this time of year. I like using Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Sunscreen during the summer months and on our beach vacations because it’s oil free and hypoallergenic. This non-aerosol product is sweat proof and water resistant.

Elizabeth Dehn's April Beauty Recommendations

Elizabeth Dehn // Founder of Beauty Bets

More than anything I lighten everything up come spring. It’s refreshing after winter’s heavy cream and deep berry hues, though I love those too!

Seasonal changes mean more potential for breakouts. I keep them at bay by exfoliating most mornings in the shower with my Clarisonic Mia Fit. It feels like a mini facial!

It’s also allergy season which means I can wake up puffy. Arcona Eye Dew always does the trick while brightening up dark circles with liquid crystals.

I always look forward to switching up my fragrance and Fresh Lemon Sugar remains a constant when the weather warms up. It just makes me happy.

Sara Happ the Lip Slip is a pale, pretty pink balm that super refreshing after of the heavier lipsticks. I pop one in every purse come spring!

I’m not quite ready for a full-on faux glow, but Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Bronzer in Antiqua creates the perfect transitional flush.


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