6 Documentaries to Watch

six documentaries to watch

I’m definitely getting good use out of my Netflix account. Between my husband and I, we probably watch ten movies a month — especially since it’s winter. There was no way I was going outside today. The wind chill is in the s i n g l e digits. I’m in the throes of some serious winter blues. I literally cannot stop thinking about moving to California, so movies it is!


Six Documentaries to Watch:


A Year in Burgundy 

Pretty much anything about France, wine, or spoken in French — I’m going to like it. I loved learning the history, hard work, and dedication that goes into making wine. How fun would a road trip through Burgundy be!?! Who’s with me?

Burt’s Buzz

If you didn’t know, the old man on the Burt’s Bees product is actually Burt — who founded the company. An interesting look at the business and the twists and turns it has taken. Also, after watching, I love the labels even more.

Desert Runners

Do you ever watch people do something crazy and then think to yourself — I totally want to do that. I love the thought of running four ultra-marathons in four different places around the world — but not in four deserts! It’s way too extreme for my 13.1 mile max. Just watching them bandage up their feet was enough for me to stick with half marathons. But I loved the story.

180° South

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this because my husband picked it out before I had the chance to read about it. It ended up being really interesting, and I mostly liked learning about how the founder of The North Face, Doug Tompkins, has dedicated his life to environmental activism and land conservation, mostly in Patagonia.


You knew within the first 30 minutes that this movie would end tragically and I was just sitting there waiting for it the entire time. Shane McConkey was a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping. He was the definition of dare devil.

History of the Eagles

If you like the Eagles (and how could you not!?!) or you love music history, you will love this movie. I could watch it again. I love learning the dynamics behind bands and what inspired certain songs and albums. Now many of their songs have a new meaning to me.

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Have you watched any good documentaries lately?