6 Documentary Films to Watch

six documentaries to watch

I’ve been getting my money’s worth from Netflix recently. I have a thing for documentary films. Especially when they have to do with the arts or creative people. In the past few weeks I’ve watched:

Mademoiselle C

Oh Carine Roitfeld, I love you even more now. Carine was already a super chic French women (she’s the chicest 58-year-old I’ve seen!) that just happened to be the editor of Vogue Paris for ten years. But in this documentary about her launching her own magazine CR Fashion Book you get to see her lovely personality. Besides all of the fashion, and the amazing visuals you see in this film, my favorite part was watching Karl Lagerfeld walk around with her grandchild in a stroller. A sight to see for sure. All fashionistas will love this film.

Fame High

Totally wish I would have gone to an artsy high school like this one in LA (of course it’s in LA). Really interesting to see these kids be so passionate about the arts.

Cutie and the Boxer

Very interesting film. I thought that Ushio and Noriko were fascinating. They’re both artists and have been married for 40 years. They’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. Probably more downs. They way they live and communicate was definitely different. Maybe not for some couples, but you could just feel the unease through the film.

The Unbelievers

If you are interested in science and/or like Richard Dawkins and/or are an atheist or agnostic — you would find this film interesting. I could listen to Richard Dawkins all day.


Wow, it is reeeeeally hard to be a master sommelier. So fascinating to me. Unfortunately red wine gives me crazy 3-day headaches so I can hardly drink it anymore (anyone have any tips for me besides drinking water?). It’s heartbreaking to watch the guys in this film work so so so hard, and take the master sommelier test over and over.


Ok, I can say it. I’m obsessed with ballerinas. I’ll watch anything about ballet, so I loved this film. I also watched every episode of SJP’s NYC Ballet docudrama in one sitting. #wannabeaballerina


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