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It’s that cold now where a hat and gloves are necessary for me when I go outside. I do not like to be cold! Unfortunately I waited a little too long this year and forgot to shop for my cold winter accessories so I’m suffering for it! These seven items are at the top of my list!

ONE // twisted headwrap — everyone needs something to cover their ears!

TWO // slouchy beanie — the olive is my fave, but there are 11 colors to choose from!

THREE // this wide brim fedora has been on my wishlist for a while now…

FOUR // abby striped leather gloves — these might already be on their way to my house, the ones I have now just aren’t cutting it

FIVE // striped tassel scarf — love the pattern and the tassel detail on this scarf

SIX // knit turban — here is a similar less expensive version

SEVEN // floppy leather tie hat — this hat is SO CHEAP and also comes in black

Do you have cold winter accessories for this year?