7 Ways to Balance Social Media & Email

This month over on The B Bar’s blog, The Well, our word-of-the-month is balance. Victoria and I wrote posts about how we balance social media and email. For the full version of this post, check it out here — but the here are 7 main tips for how I balance social media and email:

1. Only check social media and email at certain times during the day (not all day long).

2. Don’t open email until you finish the main project or task you want to accomplish that day. (For me it means sometimes I don’t open my email until lunch time).

3. Don’t leave your email open in your browser all day (this goes along with #1).

4. A trick I picked up from Suzanne — just touch it once. When you open an email try to respond with whatever you need to right then, so you don’t have to go back to it and deal with it later.

5. Use canned responses to give a a quick and effective reply to common emails.

6. Batch schedule social media posts to amplify your blog content (this way you aren’t going back to twitter and Facebook to update all day).

7. Turn off all notifications on your phone!


Tomorrow I’ll be talking about work/life balance along with the linkup we are doing at The B Bar — but I want to know how you balance your email & social media? Please tell me what works for you in the comments!


Photo by Abby Jiu for JRINK