7 Ways I Am Lazy

Meg Biram with puppy Hemingway.

As I sit here working from home, in gym shorts and a t-shirt — no bra I might add — it made me think about how lazy I am when it comes to changing into normal clothes on the days I work from home. Then I started thinking about all the ways I’m lazy, let me count the ways…

And if I’m sharing, you better too! Tell me how you are lazy in the comments!

White and brown puppy on white bed.

7 Ways I Am Lazy


1 // I don’t really get dressed when I work from home. 

I usually wear clothes like I mentioned above. If I’m working from home that day (or even just that morning) I throw on whatever is presentable enough to take the dog on a walk. It’s usually partially something I wore to sleep in, and something else I threw on a chair the day before that doesn’t look too much like pajamas. Basically, it ain’t pretty.

Then at some point when I want to get out of pajamas/dog-walking clothes, I change into my workout clothes which consist of leggings, a sports bra, and a tank. That feels slightly more presentable and put together so I try to get into that as soon as possible. I almost always wear my glasses in the morning, I try to give my eyes a break from my contacts, no makeup, and my hair is usually a nightmare. Lately I’ve been doing CrossFit almost every evening, so I shower afterward, let my hair air dry (also not pretty but better for my hair) and then I throw it in a bun the next morning. I try to avoid using heat tools whenever possible.

However, I do love clothing, so when I’m actually going somewhere, obviously I get dressed. And I do like to look nice even when I’m walking the dog or in workout clothes, so I just try to make sure that even my lazy clothing is somewhat cool. Cool, yet lazy, like these marble sweatpants and sweatshirt I’m wearing in these photos (both gifted)!

2 // Backend things on my website. 

I’ve had an expired widget on the backend of my site for like years. And on the very top of the backend of my WordPress, there’s a box that says it’s expired, and they actually cancelled the widget, so I need to uninstall it. But I haven’t. I’m always scared I’m going to mess something up on the backend of my site and I’m going to have to email my developer for help and I hate to bug her.

3 // Organizing receipts and paperwork.

I just throw everything in a bin (receipts, junk mail, unnecessary documents) and deal with it like once or twice a year. And then I spend an entire day shredding papers and going through stuff. I can’t decide if I like doing it this way, or if just doing it as I get it all would be way easier. But I’d need to set up a system for that…

4 // Throwing out beauty products.

I’m getting better at this, but I have dueling inner voices about this topic. I want to be super minimal and ONLY have what I use and what I’m testing out. But I have a really hard time getting rid of non-toxic perfectly fine beauty products. I am sent a lot of products to try out and share with you, and to be honest, a few are amazing, a few are terrible, but most of them are just in the middle. And there are those rare moments where I run out of my favorite product before ordering more and I need something, which is mostly why I keep backups. And also I always tell myself I’m going to test everything, but there’s only 365 days in a year people, and I probably have that many products already. I try to collect a big box and send products to my sister, mom, and niece every once in a while, but ya, it’s an ongoing thing.

5 // Go through & organize my “office stuff.”

While I wish my home office always looked like this, it definitely doesn’t. In our old apartment I had tons of storage, so I didn’t really have to deal with it, I could just shut the cabinet door and have a clean apartment. When we moved I said goodbye to a huge wall of built-in bookshelves and cabinets, and two huge walk-in closets (tear), and had to deal with my shit.

We moved rather quickly (in DC you have to be ready to pounce if you like a place!) and I didn’t have time to go through my stuff before we moved so we did the most horrible thing, move it, then go through and get rid of it. Ugh, is that not the worst!?!

It took me a few months to do the first round of “going through” my stuff. It was mostly paperwork, random office supplies, old stuff … basically not fun stuff hence why I wasn’t super eager to do it. In my head I’m minimal and want a little stuff as possible, and want everything that can be digital to be digital. I’m getting there. And probably compared to a lot of people I already am that way, but I want to be more that way. Excess stuff just weighs me down.

The reason this has taken me months to finish is because I feel like I have to have the right set of circumstances, and have to figure out the right storage solutions to do it to where it stays organized and minimal. When I say circumstances, I mean that I need an entire day (maybe a few) where my husband is out of town or something because it’s going to get messy for while. I got the shelves you see in this post for all of my props/decor items, or as my husband says “trinkets,” but I needed a solution for stuff that you don’t really want to see out on a shelf. I just bought and put together these shelves (P.S. they are a pain in the ass to put together) and am in the process of organizing the several boxes of papers and crap, so I think I’m on my way to my office stuff organization finale! Watch on Snapchat if you dare, user: megbiram. Side note, I think I’ve found my limit on how small of an apartment I can live in.

So we’re going on 6 months of “organizing” this stuff. Plus the 4 years I had half of it at my old place. So I think this qualifies as lazy. To my defense, I always feel like working is more important and I prioritize that, which is partially why it’s not done yet.

6 // Hanging photos and artwork.

We’ve been in our new place for over 5 months, and the only thing on the walls is my giant painting that we hung the first week we moved in. That is literally THE ONLY thing we’ve hung. I think it’s because I want to change up half of the artwork I have, but I also don’t want to get rid of the rest of it, or I need to reframe it, and I can’t hang some things without others, blah blah blah. It’s driving my husband crazy. But I don’t want to hang stuff just to hang it. I want it to be exactly right and exactly what I want, and I don’t want to put anything there in the meantime. My family and friends say I’m particular…

7 // Preparing food and meal planning.

I’m generalizing here but most people in the Midwest cook dinner (I’m from Kansas City). They also go out to eat, but a lot of people will cook dinner 4+ nights a week and that is totally normal. While my husband and I have no problems going out to dinner when the mood strikes us, we have a pretty normal routine during the week, and have for the past 11 years. Unless I have an event that evening, I cook dinner. But that doesn’t mean I liked doing it, it is just usually the most economical and best way to eat healthy.

So in general, for the last 11 years, I’ve cooked dinner 4-5 nights a week. The good thing is, I got pretty good at it. I have a few recipes that I can make without even looking anything up. I can look in my fridge and throw something together and my husband would have no idea it wasn’t actually planned or that it’s not really a normal meal and that I just used what we had.

And on the weeks I actually did have my shit together, I would look up recipes and go to the grocery store and buy food for the week. For a while I was getting a weekly produce delivery from a great company until I found an awesome farmer’s market around the corner from me and I would use whatever I got from those to inspire meals for the week.

Then I got lazy, but also not lazy. Let me explain. All of this meal planning, grocery shopping, food prepping, cooking, and dish-doing was taking a lot of my time. And because of it, I wasn’t taking the time to workout. When we moved into our new place, it just happens to be very close to the CrossFit gym my husband coaches at. So now, it was easy for me to also go to CrossFit, and there wasn’t much of an excuse not to go. No dealing with traffic, parking, bus/metro schedules — I can walk there in one minute. Also, I wanted to get in good shape and continue to eat healthy without using all of my time every night.

Enter a way for me to be lazy, and healthy, and have my evenings back — Power Supply (available in San Francisco, southern California and the DC/VA/MD area, although I’m sure there are other options in other cities). Basically you pick your meals (they have paleo and vegetarian lunch and dinner options) and the meals are cooked and delivered to you. So all I have to do when we get home from the gym is heat up a precooked healthy meal, and voila — dinner! I’ve tried companies like Blue Apron where the ingredients are delivered and sometimes prepped and all you have to do is cook it, but even that was too much time for me.

So I consider it lazy but also not lazy, because instead of cooking and everything that goes with it, I’m working out, working more, and spending more quality time with my husband and puppy. I still cook one or two times a week, and then we eat will eat out at one of the many amazing restaurants in DC one or two nights. But I loooooove only cooking every once in a while instead of almost every night.

Your turn, dish your laziness in the comments.

Meg Biram on bed with her puppy.

Also shown in photos: my puppy Hemingway — not for sale; platform bed; black earrings; brass lamp; white tissue box cover; white nightstand.

Meg Biram with puppy.

White Puppy // Meg Biram


Photos by Laura Metzler