8 Years

Outdoor wedding cocktail tables

It’s a little weird to think that I’ve been with my husband for more than a third of my life. We started dating at 19, engaged at 21, and married at 22 (literally a week after graduating college — yes that was crazy!). Today marks eight years of being married. I feel very fortunate to have met my husband so early on in my adult life and yes, I’m that annoying girl that just knew. I never went through my 20s worrying about dating and guys and stressing over when I would get married? Which is funny because prior to being in a relationship with my Mr., I thought I’d get married in my 30s (I thought I’d be in New York City working my ass off and too busy to bother with a relationship). But of course, you can’t plan when you fall in love.

Even though you can’t really plan it, I do think you can do things to help your odds of finding the right person. At the time I met my husband, I was focused on myself. I was a college student, and I just wanted to figure myself out and be the best version of myself I could. It seemed like right when I told myself I wasn’t going to focus on guys and focus on myself is when my Mr. came into my life. I know it doesn’t work that way for everyone, but it worked for me.

I feel so lucky that I’m so happy in my marriage, and that we have such a mutual respect for each other. We are very different and independent, and that works well for us. I don’t take my happy relationship for granted at all (for any of you thinking, blah blah I hate you and your happy marriage) — I know how lucky I am and I think about it constantly. We’ve had our share of ups and downs like any marriage (insert car accidents and neck injuries here). But when you make it through hard and stressful times, usually it makes your relationship even stronger, at least for us I felt it did.

Even after eight years of marriage (11 years together!) the man continues to surprise me. And when you think you couldn’t fall in love with someone any more, you do — and that’s the coolest feeling. I can only imagine what the next eight years has in store for us…

Photo from the wedding of Ashley & Michael, photographed by Chris Humphrey, featured on Brides of Oklahoma