so in love watercolor painting


Today is my 9th wedding anniversary. Pretty crazy. I just can’t believe it’s been that long. We’ve been together since we were 19! I won’t get all sappy on you about how happy I am (because I’m super happy) and how much I love my awesome husband (because I’m obsessed with him), but I thought it’d be fun to tell you nine things I’ve learned in nine years of marriage:

1. People can and do change in amazing ways.

2. That you could love someone so much more than you thought you could even after so long.

3. That I made a really good decision when I said I do nine years ago.

4. There will he highs, and really low lows, but the lows make the highs so much better.

5. Truly letting things go (that should be let go) is a great way to have a happy marriage.

6. Communication really is the key to everything.

7. Holding hands is still really special.

8. The best gifts are the unexpected ones.

9. Hugs should happen multiple times a day.


“So in love” watercolor painting by Meg Biram