A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Framers

Ok so it wasn’t actually funny. I had a ridiculous mini-meltdown that was over in 10 minutes but still. Makes for a good story I guess, right? Not sure if you remember this post, but I really loved these two prints, and ended up getting them because the messages were right on and I needed a few things for the wall in my office. So today I put a few prints and photographs in my car to take to the framer. The two big ones were loosely rolled up sitting in the back seat. I had kept them in pristine condition since they arrived from the UK.

I’m driving along and had to slam on my breaks for some giant SUV that couldn’t parallel park, but insisted on doing so in the middle of a major street. Because I slammed on my breaks, apparently the back seat hadn’t been properly latched into place and it came crashing down on top of my two large prints. There was no saving them. They had irreversible damage.

As I tried to push the seat back up while not trying to get hit (still waiting for the parallel-parker to move) my right arm did that thing where you’ve extended it beyond what you should and you get that crazy pain where you can’t move it. Ya. So I pushed the seat up, pulled out my prints, saw the multiple creases, and just broke down in tears. Ridiculous I know. It’s just prints. They are completely replaceable and weren’t expensive by any means.  Sometimes you just need a little cry. Release of energy or something. But really, as I’m on my way to the framers!?!

Such a small thing. It just happens to be an extra sensitive time of the month, so maybe that’s it? I let myself cry about two damn prints for a few minutes, and whatever else is stressing me at the moment, and then I just chalked it up and got the darn things framed as is. Creases and all. Adds character right?

I mean, the seat came down on my prints on the way to the framers. What are the odds!?!

Oh you thought this was over right? No.

Then I went to the art supply shop to get a giant canvas for a piece I’m painting for a client.

Of course, it didn’t fit in my car. So I took it home like this.

That’s right, taped to the roof people.

One problem…

My hair started sticking to the tape.

And because who has scissors in their car, I had to rip my hair off the tape.

Rip. My. Hair.

We all have these days.

I need some wine.

*If you got this far, please know I laughed it all off and am totally fine. I mean, it’s just a few creases in some prints. NBD. Just thought it was a funny story you might enjoy.