A New Direction

Meg Biram - Desk

While I was going through the process of redesigning my site last year, I did a lot of thinking. This year my site turns ten — so I was thinking about the past ten years and how the blog has affected my life. What I’ve given to it, what it’s given me, all of you who’ve been with me for all or some of the journey, what I’ve created, is it valuable or helpful, is it what I want to be remembered for, does it represent me, how do I want to move forward, what do I want the next ten years (!?!) to look like?

Basically all the questions.

I took the time to do some introspection on how the new site would function, how I wanted it to represent me and my brand, represent the work I do, represent the work I want to do going forward, and help facilitate the direction I want to go in my life. Along with my designer and developer, I think I was able to do that while still giving myself the flexibility to change whatever I want to when I’m ready.

So I wanted to let you all in on this new direction that I’m going. It doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the topics I currently cover. Obviously you can still see them all under the content dropdown. And I still plan to cover these topics regularly. But there are a few things you’ll start to see around here.


You may have noticed that art has shown up a little more, and will continue to in a few different forms. This is the main thing that is changing.

In the early days of the blog I covered a lot of artists but got away from it as I moved into creating original content. Art has always been a part of my life since I was a child. I didn’t go to art school (University) for multiple reasons, and it’s not that I regret going to journalism school, but I’ve just never given myself the time to fully explore my passion for fine art.

When we moved to DC six years ago I dipped my toes back into fine art. I hated everything I made so I stopped after a while. When I started back up I started painting in a new way and I finally liked my work. For several reasons I won’t bore you with, I couldn’t create a ton of work, and once we moved into a new apartment a year ago I lost my painting space as it was in our old building.

During the deep thinking I did while redesigning my site and thinking about the direction I wanted to take my business — art was strongly pulling on me as it has over the last ten years. I want to make it a bigger part of my work in multiple ways, and that is what you will start to see.

I will not only be covering more art and artists, but I have a new series dedicated to the artists and creatives that inspire me that will be launching soon. I will also be taking you along on my own personal art journey. I recently procured a new painting studio and will be getting to work. Watch my Instagram Story for the day-to-day coverage.

You might have noticed there are two more courses in addition to my goals course (that is currently available for you to take!) under the courses tab. And that these new courses just happen to be art related. See how I did that? They will be coming out this year.

If you aren’t really into art, don’t worry, I will continue to cover all the topics I do now.


Over the past few years travel has become a much larger part of my life and content. With the redesign I’ve made it super easy to navigate old posts and search by destination or vibe, and have added a page called the Travel Edit where I link out to amazing travel content from around the web — making it your go-to resource for finding the best posts to reference when planning your own trips! I will continually add links to quality content as I come across them to make this page much more robust — it will just take a little time.

If there are some amazing travel posts that you have either referenced or created, please submit them to hello@megbiram.com with the subject TRAVEL EDIT. Only links to useful travel information with high quality photos from reputable websites will be considered.


Because I read a lot and write about books here, I get a lot of people asking me for book recommendations. So with the redesign, I wanted to make all of my posts about books a lot easier to get to, and also create a little library for you to reference.

You can search through all of my posts about books by clicking on books in the content dropdown, or right above where the posts start on the main page. These posts are where I will get into my thoughts about the books. You can also go to my bookshelf where I have all the books I’ve read organized by category and you can either click to purchase them, or see if I have written about that book and click ‘read the post’. Once I complete a book, I will add it to the bookshelf whether I write about it in a post or not.


Heirloom is a new column that will be coming out soon and I am really excited about it. In the age of minimalism, clutter-free city living, and owning things with intention, a lot of millenials don’t want a lot of stuff — especially not hand-me-downs from their parents.

And while I mostly feel the same way, I do feel like there has been a lost sense of deeper meaning and formality to things. There are some heirlooms that are important to me. I’ve never been overly sentimental — I’ve always thrown out all of my diaries and journals growing up, didn’t keep notes from middle school, donated all of my college and sorority t-shirts, etc.

I also feel like I grew up in the age of mass materialism with tons of cheap products at my fingertips. We’ve been conditioned to just buy things when they are trendy versus waiting and saving to buy something classic and meaningful that you will keep forever and pass down in your own family.

These special heirlooms that have an interesting story — the few that we actually keep and mean something to us — are the ones I’ll be featuring in this new column, starting with my own that was the inspiration for this column.

Do you have a special heirloom with an interesting story? Send your story to hello@megbiram.com with subject line: Heirloom + Your Name.


You probably already saw that the Beauty Expert column is back! I can’t wait to continue these posts in addition to my other beauty coverage.

Navigating the world of beauty can feel overwhelming, so with my beauty content I aim to help you wade through the sea of beauty products. And also provide tips, tricks, and recommendations for what has worked for me and the products and procedures I like and find effective.


Those are some of the most notable changes to content here on MegBiram.com. I will be explaining the new columns more in depth when I formally introduce them.

Personally, I am really excited about this new direction for MegBiram.com. After being a blogger for almost 10 years you can get burned out. Also with the accessibility of the Internet and the ease of creating a general website or blog — anyone can start a blog. And while the cream rises to the top, there is a lot of boring content out there to wade through before finding good stuff. Thank you for spending your time here, and I will continue to bring you content that I think is helpful, inspiring, and worthy of your time.


Photo by Emma Weiss