new megbiram.com blog

You might have noticed a few little changes around here. If not, or if things look a little funny, please empty your cookies and cache in your browser (learn how here) so MegBiram.com will be fully functional. This is just a little update. The branding and feel is the same, but simplified.

1. The top marble bar is now sticky, which means it stays there even if you scroll down.

2. The social media buttons have moved up to this sticky bar so you can easily find them anytime.

3. The logo has been slightly updated. You may notice that “The Edit” is gone and it’s replaced with “blog” — I did this for simplicity. I didn’t want “The Edit” to be confusing, so from now on the blog will just be my namesake.

4. These nifty SHOP buttons take you to The B Bar, and this is where my little announcement comes in… more on that later.

5. The navigation bar (or nav bar for short) has been simplified. No more drop-down menus. But if you are looking for a column, you can find the column box in the sidebar with links to your favorite columns, or easily search for them in the search box. Let me know if you feel like a column is missing that you refer to often.

new megbiram.com

Some of you may not head over to my actual website very often, but I wanted to show you the updates over there as well (they are fun!).

1. Same as the blog, the top marble bar is sticky and the social media buttons are now up there.

2. The logo has been left justified.

3. The same SHOP buttons have been added with a red BLOG button as well.

4. The nav bar has been simplified.

5. My favorite new feature, the big slider photo. This photo will slide on it’s own, but you can click on the buttons below it as well. These photos will link to what they are talking about. I will update them with new things as they happen.

6. There are new bars at the bottom linking to the blog, a place to subscribe to my newsletter, and all of my social media.


After the fun I’ve had with MANIFESTO, I’ve decided to move into more products and open up an ONLINE SHOP! So what’s going to happen with MANIFESTO? My tees will be available on the current MANIFESTO shop until my new one is open (soon!). I will still release new shirts from time to time, but not necessarily monthly.

Why open an online shop? Many reasons. I’ve been wanting to get into more product development and collaborations, and this was the perfect way to do that and fold MANIFESTO into one. Simplify is the theme here. One shop for all of the products I collaborate on, produce, and find. I’m always finding cool and interesting products on the Internet, and wanted to bring what I find to you in one place. My shop will be small, well-curated, and very specific to my style. I will ONLY carry things that I personally use, love, want to buy, or would give to someone as a gift.

Online shopping has taken off in the past few years. The big stores have got it down (I’m a frequent shopper on Shopbop and Nordstrom and more), and there are a few small online shops that I love. In my mind, what is missing are more aesthetic-specific online shops like the ones I love. I always find myself going back to the same 5 small online shops. I love them and they have their own distinct style — which in my mind is what makes them successful. I want to bring you my distinct style as well.

I will get more into shop details when it opens — which should be soon (within a few weeks) — so stay tuned!