A Weekend at the St. Regis Bal Harbour

Bienvenidos a Miami.

St Regis Bal Harbour Miami Lobby Hallway

If you’ve been a reader for long enough then you know that I am obsessed with hot weather, the beach, pools, and traveling. I’m trying to make traveling a bigger part of my life. It’s one of the few things I look back at my last 10 years out of college and regret a little and think — I haven’t traveled enough. So when the St. Regis in Bal Harbour (Miami) asked me if I’d like to visit for a weekend I jumped at the chance.

The property, which opened in 2012, is so nice I didn’t want to leave. My husband had to drag me out of the property to experience a little Miami flavor for a few hours because I was perfectly happy just staying at the St. Regis the entire 2.5 days we were there. I was actually sad that I booked an early flight to come home on Sunday as both me and my husband wished we got to spend one more afternoon lounging at the pools and on the beach.

St Regis Bal Harbour Miami Lobby Hallway

St Regis Bal Harbour Miami Lobby Hallway

I’ll start with the entry as that seems like a good starting point. I loved the focus on art at the St. Regis. There is a giant cloud sculpture in the entry that immediately demands attention, along with a c-print photograph by Simon Proctor called Spirits of Valentino. Then your curiosity takes you down the sparkling mirrored hallway which is really the main artery of the hotel.

Bathroom - St Regis Bal Harbour Miami

Dining Room in Suite at St Regis Bal Harbour

We stayed in a suite with not one but two giant balconies that faced the north part of Miami Beach. I have a thing for balconies so I was probably on ours more than I was in the hotel suite — except for the bathroom because hello floor to ceiling travertine! Our suite was bigger than our apartment, with a kitchen, dining room, two full bathrooms, and roomy living space (more photos and a video coming soon!).

View from our balcony at St Regis Miami

As much as I loved the suite itself — the balconies were where it was at. The view (above) was just sick, so much so that I was reevaluating why I live in DC and not somewhere with a view like this. I didn’t alter the color or anything in this photo, this is legit #nofilter.

Beach Workout - Miami

To get the full St. Regis Bal Harbour experience, I worked out one morning (at 8:30 am I might add…) on the beach with V Art of Wellness. Let’s just say it was already really hot by 8:30, and if you saw my Snapchat (megbiram) you would know how red my face was for an hour afterward. Working out on the beach, in the sand and sun is no joke. It was a great workout, and I’m glad I did a workout why I was there because I ate … a lot.

I had a massage at the Reméde Spa, and dare I say it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I’ve found that even if I tell my massage therapist where I want them to concentrate and that I want them to push hard — the rarely do. Randy listened to me, focused on my back exactly where I asked him to. I also told him I was ticklish on my feet so he was like, how about we put your feet in paraffin? Um, are you kidding me, that’s an option?!? My feet in bags of hot paraffin during a massage — it was heaven. Every spa should steal that idea because it’s basically the best thing ever.

I love pool options, especially when one of the options has the word “adult” in it. Both of the pools open to hotel guests (there are two others for residents), were gorgeous of course, but the water temperature was perfect for me (pretty warm). The fact that I didn’t flinch getting into my shoulders was huge for me. Usually pools are just way too cold and I will barely get in, but I loved that I could get all the way in at the St. Regis (except my hair unless I want to turn it green!).

Even though my husband and I brought four different sunscreen options (we’re serious about getting the perfect tan and not burning!) they had a large jar of SPF 30 at both pools which we both used, and it smelled like pineapples. A small touch that made a huge impact on me. Had I not had to bring sunscreen, I would have just carried my bag on instead of checking it! Now I know.

Black Truffle Pizza - J&G Grill

Food gets it’s own section of this post because it was amazing. I definitely ate my way through the weekend thinking not at all about the amount of calories or carbs because YOLO, and this food was just too damn good to not eat. Let’s just see if I can recall everything I ate from J&G Grill and Fresco: breakfast buffet (Nutella crepes and the best salami I’ve ever had included), crab cakes and truffle fries, black truffle pizza (above), pancakes and bacon, exotic fruit cup, Mediterranean salad, filet mignon (definitely the best one I’ve ever had), salted caramel ice cream sundae (with popcorn, peanuts and chocolate sauce), and Belgian waffles.

Two items need to be discussed in more detail — the black truffle pizza with frisee and fontina and the salted caramel ice cream sundae. I thought truffle fries were the best, but I think black truffle pizza stole my heart. I’ll probably be thinking about that for a while…

Even though I was full already I was not not going to get dessert at nice dinner J&G Grill (we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in June, so this felt a little extra special). We asked the waitress for her dessert recommendation and she said the salted caramel ice cream sundae was by far the most popular. The popcorn and peanuts had me a little turned off from it, but I went with it anyway, and I was obviously wrong — popcorn is DELICIOUS on ice cream. I think it was caramel popcorn, but the crunch with the salted caramel ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce … let’s just say I didn’t share much of it with my husband.

Maya Hayuk - Wynwood MiamiMaya Hayuk mural at in the Wynwood Arts District, Miami

Like I said in the second paragraph of this post, I really didn’t feel the need to leave the grounds of the St. Regis since I was only there for a few days. I wanted to soak it all up. We did get out for a few hours to check out the Wynwood Arts District and took a quick walk up Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach (had to show my husband the art deco and craziness of South Beach) — but then I was ready to get back to our little lap of luxury.

We had two full days and had to head to the airport at 10:30 am the third day. I definitely would have loved to stay longer, so if you’re heading out for a weekend, book your flights to stay as long as possible — you’ll be wishing you had!

If you are looking for a luxurious place to spend a peaceful weekend (or week!) in Miami, the St. Regis Bal Harbour is where it’s at. Plus it’s literally right across the street from the Bal Harbour Shops, which is the créme de la créme of shopping. Like literally, Vince, Maje, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Prada, Chloé, Intermix, to name a few…

Next week I’ll take you on a more detailed tour of the St. Regis and more beach photos of course!


Photos by Meg Biram

Accommodations were provided by the St. Regis Bal Harbour. Huge thanks to the St. Regis, their service and quality in every way was outstanding.