Do You *Actually* Read Your Coffee Table Books?

Or are they just there to look pretty?

In The Company of Women Book

I will be the first to raise my hand and admit — I’ve got a lot of coffee table books and I’ve barely cracked any of them open and actually read them. The sad thing is — I really do want to read them! And you know me — I’m a reader!

What about you — who’s guilty? Take a quick glance at your coffee table book collection — how many of them have you read more than just a few pages? Of the ones that you actually do want to read, why haven’t you read them yet?

For me it seems like such a luxury to sit down with a giant coffee table book and dig in. I feel like I need a lot of time to dig into such a large book. Also just the sheer size of many of coffee table books makes it to where it’s not something you are going to tote with you to the beach. It’s definitely an at home type of thing.

In The Company of Women Book by Grace Bonney

Earlier this year I realized I had all these giant books and I really needed to dig into them and stop telling myself excuses as to why I haven’t read them yet. So I thought up a new tactic to help — I took several of them to my art studio and decided that I would just read one chapter, or one interview, or one section, each time I go there to paint. That way it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and I can get inspired by that one little section versus spending four hours reading a ton and forgetting half of it.

Now that I think of it, I might also put one in my Georgetown studio, and one on my actual coffee table and do the same. Maybe I’ll get through a few of them in a few months without feeling the pressure to have hours and hours to read them.

Another idea I’ve thought of is trying to read it right when I get it — like within a week or two. That’s when I’m the most excited about it, so why not just dig in right away!?!

Reading on the couch.

Do you buy a lot of coffee table books? Do you have any hacks to make yourself actually read them?

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In photo: In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney; loungewear thanks to kate spade new york; socks.


Photos by Emma Weiss