My Leather Jacket is on CRAZY SALE

meg biram allsaints leather jacket

I don’t often post about sales, usually only Shopbop and Nordstrom because I shop there a ton and want to help you sift through all of the products to find the best stuff. But today, today my friends my beloved leather jacket is on the most ridiculous sale I’ve ever seen.

I’m actually jealous that you can buy it at such a steep discount. I searched high and low for the perfect leather jacket for years. I wanted moto stitching, not quilted. I wanted the zippers in certain places. I wanted high quality leather and hardware. I wanted it to be fitted perfectly, and I wanted to buy one jacket that would last me decades. And I found it.

Because the jacket is expensive, I didn’t buy it. For two years. I think it was actually $600 at the time when I got it with some gift cards and birthday money. I thought so long and hard about the purchase, but weekly I would be getting dressed and think to myself — I’d wear that jacket with this outfit. It was almost ridiculous by the time I bought it, I would have already worn it 100 times. I’ve definitely already gotten so much use out of it for what it cost, and honestly I know I’ll keep wearing it as long as I can fit into it (hopefully forever?).

It fits perfectly. It’s very fitted. The size 2 fit me at the time, but I went for the 4 to have a little extra room for sleeves. But now I have muscles, so I’m very glad I got the 4! It’s true to size, but if you like it a little looser in the shoulders and arms go up a size or two. I rarely zip mine up unless it’s freezing and you can also just wear it over the shoulders and not even put your arms into it depending on your outfit.

I’m telling you about it today because it’s on mega sale. So if you’re looking for a leather jacket, AllSaints makes some of the very leather jackets. That’s what they are known for. I have two, and clearly, I’m obsessed. And NOW is the time to get one if you’ve been pondering the purchase for a while. I mean, I’ve watched the prices of these jackets for like 5 years now and I’ve NEVER seen them this low.

You’ve seen me wear it here, here, here, and here for the best pics of it.

I can’t figure out from their site and social when the additional 25% off everything ends, but it’s 25% off everything that’s already marked down, so even if you miss the additional 25% off (making my jacket $301 down from $670) it’s already on sale at $402. Also, hard to comprehend. I’m telling you the quality is insane.

meg biram allsaints leather jacket

Here are a few other amazing pieces on sale right now at AllSaints!


Also wearing this ring, bracelets, and initial necklace in these photos.


Photos by Emma Weiss