Always Cold

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I am almost always cold. If I’m not cold, I’m either outside in 85 degrees or higher in direct sunlight, or I’m inside wrapped up in a blanket, or I’m outside wrapped up in coats, sleeves, hats, scarves, gloves, everything.

When the seasons change, I don’t do a big wardrobe shift like others might. All of my jackets stay in rotation. I know I’ll need them for the freezing cold AC! Thick sweaters and winter coats are the only things that move to a less accessible area of my closet for the summer.

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I just don’t understand why in the summer the AC has to blast on freezing cold. Colder than we have the heat in the winter. I’m always the last one to want to turn on the AC or turn off the heat. In the summers, I’d much rather just open the windows. The gals at my studio can totally vouch for this — they will come in and think it’s so hot and want to turn on the AC and I feel completely perfect. It’s an on-going battle over the thermostat — at home and at work!

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I’ve looked into whether or not I have a serious issue. Always being cold can be signs of hypothyroidism (don’t think I have this or I’d probably have other issues), anemia (totally possible), not getting enough sleep (not a problem for me), not drinking enough water (I drink massive amounts of water), being underweight (I’m right on the verge of underweight), not getting enough B12 (totally possible), having poor circulation (my hands and feet usually feel like ice blocks), slow metabolism (getting slower every day, tear), diabetes (not to my knowledge), don’t have enough muscle (for sure, but I’m going to CrossFit for that!), and women tend to be cold more often than men.

I would say that of all of my friends, I’m always the coldest. Everyone always wants to turn on the AC before I’m ready for it. In the summer I’m always carrying around a jacket with me because the second I walk inside a restaurant, I’m freezing.

What about you — are you always cold like me?

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Photos by Laura Metzler