An Afternoon to Remember in Zurich

Fischers Fritz // Zurich Switzerland

You know when you are having one of those experiences in life that you know you’ll never forget? I had one of those in Zurich. I mean the entire experience in Zurich was one of those magical moments in life, but the last day we were there had something a little extra.

Lake Zurich

(Rachelle / Eden / Me / Aida / Julie)

It started with stand up paddle boarding (my first time ever!) on Lake Zurich followed by a refreshing dip in the lake. Since it had been 90+ degrees the entire trip, getting in the water was an amazing feeling. I mentioned that the water in Lake Zurich is drinkable, right? It’s so clear and fresh — unlike any water I’ve seen in the DC area… I’m usually grossed out by lake water, but not Lake Zurich.

After we toweled off, we took a small boat over to Fishers Fritz. The boat ride in general was fun. Previously we had taken a larger boat out on the water, but it was fun to be on a smaller boat getting misted by the spray. Okay, Julie actually got a little soaked, but in 90 degrees the cool down was appreciated.

Fischers Fritz // Zurich Switzerland

Fischers Fritz is more than just a restaurant, it’s a camping ground (more like glamping), and they have a shop as well. There was something about that afternoon that made our meal extra special. The temperature (we were in the shade), the light, the people, the wine, the food — that afternoon was one of the most amazing moments on the trip.

Fischers Fritz // Zurich Switzerland

Inside of Fischers Fritz

Have you ever had a day or a moment when traveling that felt extra special?

Fischers Fritz // Zurich Switzerland


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