art inspired - beach balls - meg biram

It was time I brought back my Art Inspired column. I always loved this column and after taking a year off of it, I’ve got a plethora of art just waiting to be featured.

ART // Beach Balls by Beth Hoeckel

Inspired Items:

ONE // Not only did the colors of this Jonathan Adler Aries pillow work, but I just happened to be an Aries, so naturally I had to include it.

TWO // Love this funky modern tripod base floor lamp. I’ve got a similar one in my own home.

THREE // The sculptural quality of this Poppy Tall Vase is right up my alley.

FOUR // So fun! Love this powder-coated bench paired with the grayish wood.

FIVE // This bright blue Moroccan pouf helps bring out the one blue beach ball in the artwork.

SIX // This Buren Stripe Rug is a little different than others on the market, and that’s why I like it.

SEVEN // I love how Jonathan Adler plays with subjects and isn’t afraid to go for it, so hooray for this opium pillow!