don't get caught - sabrina cabadaDon’t Get Caught

Artist and painter, Sabrina Cabada, is a DC native, currently residing in Arlington. Her parents were both artists, she says she “woke to the smell of oil paint with large canvas in our living room.” I think she’s an extraordinary painter and I love the original style of her figurative work. Don’t Get Caught and Cocktails are two of my favorite pieces by Sabrina. You can see more on her site and Etsy shop.

She says this about her work:

Painting is my emotional response to color, light, and human experience. I am examining my own sensory and perceptual influences, and my interpretation becomes my visual expression. A woman’s beauty, both interior and exterior, and the gesture of her spirit are very important to me in my work. They are vulnerable, approachable, strong and resilient, holding secrets, hopes and fears.

My use of vibrant color conveys light and shadows. The subject matter portrays conventional domesticity to edgy, provocative images. My figurative work is a combination of impressionism, realism and abstract expressionism. Using figurative narratives to examine social intimacy, emotion, isolation, and identity.

My work usually starts with people and faces that persist in my mind until I portray them on canvas. Once I begin painting, I am free to create a story behind my subject. For me, the “story” is told with gesture and expression. It is not an elaborate story and I am not going to share it. The viewer would be influenced and I prefer you to see and feel it for yourself.

cocktails - sabrina cabada - featured on meg biram the editCocktails

Images via Sabrina Cabada