August Mood

August Mood Board

Warm orange, coral, and pink make give me end of summer feels. It’s the season for grilled peaches, ripe tomatoes, amazing sunsets, and end of summer vacations.

Happened in July:

+ My mom and her husband were in town during the beginning of the month for the 4th. Lots of food (especially pizza), wine, and a baseball game. Which reminds me I need to hit up another game before the season ends.

+ I saw the Hive exhibit at the National Building Museum.

+ Said farewell to my dear friend Lara who moved to NYC for a killer job with COVERGIRL. Lots of rosé, makeup testing, and a hangover was involved.

+ We found a great dog park to take Hemingway that has a creek where he can run on hot days. We also took him on a walk through the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve which is large, flat, and easy for anyone.

+ I did 5 paintings, which I’ll see how they turned out tomorrow when I head back into my art studio. My paintings take several days to dry and I usually don’t know exactly how they will turn out.

+ Still didn’t get on a workout routine, but I did spend a lot of time outdoors walking and running with Hemingway, I went to yoga a few times, and I just started what I think will be my new workout routine — will tell you about that later.

+ July was filled with a lot of photo shoots for content, especially for the Nordstrom sale, but also because I like to batch my photography work so my photographer can come about every other week. So much good stuff coming up!

+ I started a new column called Book Review so that I can keep you up to date with what I’m reading each month versus just random posts about what I’ve read. Don’t worry, my Book Club posts aren’t going anywhere. This month we are reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery if you want to join in.

+ I’m still looking for an intern for this fall. Please tell any DC-area students you know that are interested in writing and media.

+ On the new home project front, my husband replaced all of the insulation in our attic. Replace is a generous word, there really wasn’t much up there and what was there wasn’t up to modern code. Not a sexy/photogenic project by any means but it immediately made our upstairs much cooler. We have lots of ongoing projects and/or ideas for what we want to do, so I’m on the hunt for some home brands to partner with, otherwise it will take years for us to do it all!

Coming up in August:

+ This might be the month that routines start to form since our move in late May. I will be going to my painting studio every Wednesday (good parking situation due to street sweepers, which is why I’ve chosen that day to go, yes literally planning around parking in DC), I will also probably go another day during the week that will be more flexible with my schedule.

+ I’ve also just started, what I think, will be my new workout routine. I much prefer going to classes, but my husband wrote a weightlifting workout for me and I’m organizing some CrossFit/HIIT/Endurance type workouts for my non-weight days, so I think I’ll be doing that on a regular basis. Plus a few CorePower Yoga and solidcore classes sprinkled in. There is a gym near our new house that has almost everything you could want, plus they have a sauna, and I am obsessed with saunas. I also read/heard recently how getting in a sauna for 20-30 minutes after your workout is really good for you. I like saunas anyway so bring it. I’ll let you know how this routine goes, too new to tell right now.

+ I’m speaking on a panel next week at WeWork in Dupont — always fun to do that sort of thing.

+ Later in the month I’m heading to Lake Tahoe for a quick press trip, and I’ll probably head down to Richmond for a day or two this month.


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Photos in moodboard: Anne Peck (Major Models) photographed by Tom Newton on Into the Gloss; art by Annie McLaughlin; art by Marialaura Fedi; rosemary greyhound cocktail; tablescape by Beijos EventsPhoto of Camille Charrière by Icíar J. Carrasco, Vogue Spain; Bar Luca; bed photo by Mayan Toledano; cacti; orange chairIvan da Silva Bruhns 1930 rug; Chinese supermodel Xiao Wen Ju in i-D; Bally poster by Villemot; pool photo via The LondonerChristian Siriano 2017 RTW; grilled peaches