Beach Photography & Painting

massimo vitali The Piscinão de Ramos, Brazil, Massimo Vitali

I think it is well known by this point that I have a thing for beaches and pools, so naturally I’m drawn to beach photography and artwork. I already own one photograph by Gray Malin, but I’m thinking I’m going to need to add another one from his Á la Plage, Á la Piscine series.

dubai beach umbrellasDubai Beach Umbrellas, Gray Malin

annabelle shelton beach photographyArc Beach; Beach Strip, Annabelle Shelton

gray malin caribbean triptych beach photographyCaribbean Triptych, Gray Malin

gray malin lisbon umbrellasLisbon Umbrellas, Gray Malin

jen gotch palm photo yeah, we just sparkle now, Jen Gotch

french rivieraAzure, Irene Suchock

the beachBeach Laundry, Caroline Z. Hurley

max wanger beach photography TulumSplash, Max Wanger

st tropez tahiti clubSt. Tropez Tahiti Club, Gray Malin

Do you have a favorite?