hair products for summer

Ok, I have a secret…I’ve never waxed anything before. Something about the ripping hair out in sensitive areas just does NOT appeal to me. Am I a wuss? Maybe. The razor has just worked for me for the past 20 years, so I’ve just stuck with it. I’m much more interested in just going all out and laser everything. One and done (or a least just a few appointments vs. waxing my entire life) Anyone recommend any lasering places in the DC area I should check out?

I’m also interested in threading for my face. I need a good recommendation for the DC area (preferably in the Cathedral/Georgetown area/Friendship Heights area).

What are your experiences with waxing, laser and threading? Please tell me in the comments!

So since I have all of these burning hair questions (no pun intended) and since it’s summer, I thought it fitting this month to ask our beauty bloggers for their best tips and products for hair. All types of hair!

For me (above) I have a pretty simple hair routine — for my entire body. I’ve been using the same type of Venus razor for years, with whatever moisturizing shaving cream I have from the drugstore at the time. And if I’m out of shaving cream, I’ll use conditioner. I also use conditioner for shaving when I travel if I forgot shaving cream. I have mostly blonde body hair so it’s not really a huge problem for me. I do need to get laser and threading for my face & bikini, but have just been putting it off.

For my actual head of hair in the summer I keep it really simple. Usually letting my hair air-dry or putting it in a wet bun with these no-rip hair ties. I rarely use conditioner on my hair anymore, instead I just spray It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product in my hair (liberally) when I get out of the shower, I comb through it a few minutes later with a hair pick from the drugstore. If I’m not washing my hair but it needs a little boost or pickup I use Alterna’s dry shampoo. It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve found on the market so far. If I must actually do my hair and give it some curl with a curling iron, I’ll use Pantene’s fine hair spray.


Enough about my routine, here’s what the beauty bloggers recommend for all of your hair:



hair products for summer

LAURIE LEOPOLD // 312 Beauty

I’m pretty wax averse, as it turns out. The skin around my upper lips reacts horribly so instead I use tweezerman facial hair scissors to groom the fuzz. These also work great at nipping random long brow hairs.

I travel often so this portable Venus Snap is a savior. It has tiny holes in the case so even if you put the razor in a little damp it dries quickly.

For trimming there I like this bikini trimmer.

These beautiful handmade Osmia Chamomile Sun Soaps with their moisturizing oils and butters are better than any shaving lotion I’ve tried.

I love Eco Tools for makeup brushes and now they do hair…yay! This styler + smoother brush one is a mix of a flat paddle and round blowout brush but way more useful than either of those on their own.


hair products for summer

MEGAN SCHWARZ // Seed to Serum

Exfoliate – I’m an old school razor kind of gal so before I attack the oh-so fun bikini area, I always exfoliate first. This reduces the risk of bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. One of my favorite body scrubs is African Botanics Muti Mud Mineral Body Scrub (the red color is dynamite!), but a simple DIY mixture of sugar and coconut oil will do!

Protect – Speaking of coconut oil, if you suffer from dry, itchy legs, try slathering a bit of coconut oil over those gams prior to taking a razor to them. The oil will allow the razor to slide effortlessly over legs, reducing redness and irritation. The coconut oil will gunk up your razor, but a little hot water should take care of it!

Treat – After you shave, it’s incredibly important to keep those pesky pores clear, otherwise you risk the dreaded bumps and ingrown hairs. For men, one of my favorite post-shave treatments is the miraculous Province Apothecary After Shave Oil. My husband swears by it!

Ditch the Retinoids – While I love both Epiduo and Tazorac for keeping adult acne in check, it’s important to discontinue using all prescription retinoids at least 24-48 hours before waxing or laser hair removal treatments. If you don’t, you risk a nightmarish skin-burning scenario. Trust me and my eyebrows. We are all too familiar with it.

All Hail the Mighty Laser – I am a huge fan of laser hair removal. It’s quick, easy, and for me, relatively painless. If you choose to go this route, just be sure to do your research first and find a reputable institution. The second laser hair removal became popular, everyone and their mom started selling laser hair removal treatments out of their garages. Don’t waste your money!


hair products for summer

ERIN GERLACH // The Sparkle

Bikini waxing has become common place, and it’s a must for the summer months! I get a Brazilian once a month (it helps that the place I go to has a great price point, so my hair is not a financial burden, (shout out to Bare Wax Bar in Vancouver, woot!). No fuss, no muss, and it keeps everything happy. If you’re sensitive, look for a hard wax option to minimize your reaction — most wax bars offer both options, but hard wax is an add-on (i.e. a slightly higher price point).
Lip and brow, I do the threading thing. Threading is so much better for your skin, no pulling, no sticky and harsh wax tearing at your delicate complexion. Waxing removes the top layer of skin, which once you get into the sun, can lead to hyper pigmentation. A little tip, check what packages your waxing salon offers, as combo packages can save you in a big way.
I love this lotion shave cream because you can use it wet or dry meaning if you’re in a rush and have forgotten to shave your gams, this stuff gets it done. Plus it’s emollient and softening, so less nicks.


hair products for summer

CLAIRE ASHLEY // Claire Ashley Beauty

Psssst Dry Shampoo freshens up my hair quickly when I have no time to rinse it in the shower. It eliminates the oil from one to two day old hair and gives extra volume at the roots. So cheap too!
I was scared to try coconut oil at first, typically anything with the word “oil” in it I run in the other direction, but this is the most hydrating product to nourish your hair and body hair. I soaked in the bath with it on my legs and shaved…never had smoother legs in my life.
The Wet Brush makes post-shower detangling less of a nightmare. This is the only brush that doesn’t pull my hair out and separates the strands quickly so I can move onto blow drying.
The quickest way to getting curls that will hold all day is with the Sedu Clipless Curling Iron. It has an auto-turn off option so I don’t have to fear of burning the house down either! It’s the only curling iron I recommend for thin hair and thick hair.
Razors and I do not have a good history…the only way we’ve made our relationship work is this product — Coochy Crème. Razor bumps and irritation are the worst and this does not allow those to happen!


hair products for summer


Three words: Laser hair removal. It works, and it will changed your life. Look for a service provider that uses the Alma laser, which is the most painless and effective on the market. I sometimes have nightmares about having to shave or wax. NEVER AGAIN!

Although Aveda’s Invati system was developed for encouraging hair growth, it’s a godsend for fine hair and has made mine feel full and thicker.

Dry shampoo is the greatest beauty invention in the free world. I usually use it as a finishing step, for an extra shot of volume, but also learned from Oscar Blandi (who makes one of my favorites) to spritz at the roots AT NIGHT, wake up with clean hair. Brilliant.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers. Get them and you’ll never need a professional blowout again. You’re welcome.

I never liked or even understood hairspray until I tried DevaCurl’s. It smells good enough to eat because it’s non-toxic, and it holds curl like nobody’s business without any crunch or stickiness.


hair products for summer

ELLE CHOI // Elle Choi

I groom and maintain my own eyebrows. For years I have been using Revlon’s Slant tip tweezers and it works great for me. This tool easily grabs onto even the thinnest of hairs. So much cheaper and just as effective as competitor brands, there is no need to buy anything more expensive than this one.

Also for my brows, I swear by Shu Uemura’s hard pencil in 02 Seal Brown. It’s the most natural looking pencil I’ve ever used and it lasts a very long time! I had to stock up while I was in Tokyo last year since they’ve discontinued selling Shu Uemura products in the states. Luckily, we can still shop online!
If you’re like me and you’re on a hair dying streak, it’s important to use a shampoo/conditioner that is specifically for color care. It keeps your color staying its true shade longer and acts as a protecting agent as well. I started using Kerastase’s magenta line for color care and have been loving it so far. I highly recommend getting a masque to use as your conditioner.
Another great product recommendation for color treated hair is Fekkai‘s line. I love how soft and silky my hair feels after using these products!
Natural eyelash extensions make my life 100x easier! It lasts for a month with good care and you wake up looking like you have a naturally full set of curled, voluminous, black lashes. I get them done very full so it even looks like my eyes have been tight lined.


hair products for summer

KARA MANOS // Politics of Pretty

There’s nothing I dread more than those damn red bump along my bikini line. I haven’t tried many treatments specifically for that because usually just a light swipe of my deodorant does the trick. I’m not loyal to any particular deodorant but Secret Clinical Strength works just fine.

When it comes to beyond the bikini line, I recently experienced my first Brazilian wax at Cera Wax Studio. First and foremost, it was not as painful as I thought it would be and that’s mainly because they use hard wax, which is gentle on sensitive areas because it shrink wraps around the hair so it doesn’t adhere to the skin. So if you’re thinking about waxing more than just your bikini line, I highly recommend finding a salon that offers that hard wax method. They also introduced me to The Grapeseed Company Sugar Scrub and Grapeseed Oil, two must-have products for maintaining “down there” and preventing ingrown hairs.

I’m not really picky when it comes to razors but I do know when I travel this summer, I’ll pack my Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace portable razor. The palm-size razor conveniently tucks in to any bag—even the tiniest of clutches for those on-the-go moments when you realize you missed a few hairs.

I highly recommend opting for sensitive-skin shaving cream. I’m a huge fan of Whish Shave Cream Shaving Cream. I discovered a deluxe sample in my Birchbox and refuse to use anything else. The organic shea and raspberry butters moisturize skin while green tea extract prevents inflammation.

Post-shave, my legs itch like crazy so I always lotion up as soon as I am done. For an everyday hydrating lotion, I love Kiehl’s Crème de Corps. Feels and looks like butter without the greasy nonsense.


hair products for summer

LINDSAY ROGERS // Belle Belle Beauty

A long time ago, I invested in lasering my bikini, arms and legs. So, I don’t have much maintenance required. But one of my “must haves” is the Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle. The trimmer comb has 4 lengths (so you can go as bare as you dare) and the 4 blade razor on the other side is one of the best I have ever tried for touch ups.

To pick up some strays on my legs, I turn to conditioner to keep skin hydrated and prevent nicks instead of shaving cream. Shave gel also does the job, but I try and manage my cluttered shower with a multi-tasker.

After waxing my upper lip through my teenage years and 20s, I’ve found I no longer have a problem with hair there. But I turn to a classic men’s razor to clean up any of those nasty rogue black hairs on my chin and cheeks (hello 30s!). Bonus: it actually provides a beneficial exfoliation.

As for my head of hair, I’ve been skipping trims and making sure to use a moisturizing hair mask weekly so I can finally achieve that mermaid length hair in time for the end of the summer!


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