Beauty Dossier No.4

Jo Malone London English Oak Collection

Kicking off today with Beauty Dossier where I tell you about some of the beauty products I’ve been testing out — good and bad! Make sure to check out the other Beauty Dossier columns to see everything else I’ve tested! Today I have four eye products, which wasn’t necessarily on purpose, but maybe that just speaks to one of the areas I’m worried about…

Let’s get started!

Jo Malone London English Oak Collection

I feel like it’s hard to surprise me with fragrance, but Jo Malone London has done that with their new English Oak collection. I loved it so much I started burning the English Oak & Redcurrant candle right away. I’ve been waiting to burn it ever since that day because I wanted to wait for fall weather, and after a very long summer, I think it’s finally arrived!

Both the English Oak & Hazelnut and the English Oak & Redcurrant fragrances are amazing. I prefer the Hazelnut scent to wear, but the Redcurrant smells lovely and I am OBSESSED with it as a candle. Would love the Hazelnut as a candle too, hint hint Jo Malone London… (they don’t make it as a candle).

Origins Ginzing Moisturizer

Origins GinZing Collection

This summer I branched out from using my beloved One Love Organics Skin Savior (it’s a little much for summer) and tried a few new moisturizers. One of them being this Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer. I LOVE the smell of it. It’s light, goes on very smooth and cool. I used the Origins GinZing Eye Cream as well, and typically would put the Ursa Major Vitamin C Serum I talked about in this post. When I would layer the serum and this moisturizer it was usually enough hydration for the day, but I tend to need a lot (probably because I’ve trained my skin that way), so this probably wouldn’t fly for me in the winter unless I retrain my skin. I think it’s good for hotter temps. Again, the smell is AMAZING.

I also tried the SPF 40 Tinted Moisturizer, but I just don’t like tinted moisturizers in general, so it wasn’t for me.

eyemakeup remover

Eye Makeup Removers

I’ve been having a thing with eye makeup removers lately. I usually use my One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser and that usually takes off almost all my eye makeup if I didn’t do a crazy glam eye or use waterproof. Both of which are rare. But, sometimes I want to take my eye makeup off without washing my face, or doing the whole face-in-the-sink thing, and sometimes I need more than just that gentle cleanser. So when this La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover came in the mail I was excited to try it.

I like that it really does take it alllllllll off. You have to use a cotton pad like most eye makeup removers like this. This one works really well. It is on the oily side, so there’s a bit or residue on your face afterward. I either just live with it, or end up splashing some water on my eyes and patting dry. If you have stubborn eye makeup or use a lot of waterproof mascara, this product is for you! If you wear contacts I’d take them out before using this though.

I bought these Pixi Lash Nourish Makeup Remover Pads because Lara raved about them. Maybe because I don’t use them as often as she does, I didn’t feel like I saw the growth that Lara did, but I did like them. Personally I didn’t think they were the best at removing mascara. I had to use 2-3 pads per eye to get all of my mascara off, but the ease that they were already pre-soaked pads made me not care. I liked that I could just take them out of the jar and use them, no additional cotton pads involved.

If you wear light eye makeup or your mascara comes off easily you should try these pads. I like them for when I wash my face, sometimes there’s a little eye makeup left and I can just use one to clean up what was left.

Overall, I like both of these eye makeup removers for different reasons, and can see myself continuing to use both of them!

Patchology Eye Gels

Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels

I’m at the point where I need products like this. These are a pretty penny, but for before a photo shoot or an event I want to look amazing for, I use these Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels to give my under eye and crow’s feet some plumping. Not an everyday thing, but I probably use them once a week. I’ll put them on and then do my hair, and take them off right before I do my makeup. Worth trying if you need a boost in the eye area. You can also find them on Amazon here.


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