Beauty Dossier No.8 — Drugstore Products

Pantene Micellar Shampoo

I’ve tested a few drugstore beauty products lately and have been seriously impressed. My only thing is that some of them don’t rate well as far as clean ingredients go. I’m trying to take everything in my life a little more clean, but sometimes I will use a product if I like it, or test other products. So I’ll try to tell you what I know about these products in addition to why I like them. You can always find clean beauty products over at Follain (no, this isn’t sponsored, just informing you!).

I try to check products on the EWG Skin Deep site (although I find that they rarely have new products or small brands which is extremely frustrating) and the Think Dirty app and in that app I can rarely find a lot of the products I’m looking for as well. So it’s really hard to check your own products without looking up every single ingredient separately because these databases just aren’t really that up-to-date with new products unfortunately.

Also I realize that not everyone can afford “clean” products and that you might have to shop at the drugstore for your beauty. So at least I can tell you what I’ve tried and like.

loreal superstar x fiber mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous X Fiber Mascara

This is currently my favorite mascara. Usually I don’t like anything with an extra step, I want my makeup to be easy and simple and uncomplicated as possible. But for this product, it’s totally worth it. Wand 1 is a primer, and you are to coat every lash with it. Sometimes for me, just the primer is enough for a casual day. But if you are wanting serious separated volume, before the primer dries, add the fiber mascara from wand two on top and your lashes will be out of this world. You can see the fibers on the wand, you’ll know what I’m talking about and why it’s called X Fiber. I love the look of full voluminous lashes and this gives me exactly that every time.

Couldn’t find this product on either site, so I have no idea where the ingredients rate.

dove shower foam

Dove Foaming Body Wash

I have a thing for foam. I’ve always loved foaming soap. It’s just easier to disperse on your skin. The amount of times I wash my hands everyday I’m looking for speed. So when I saw this foaming body wash I bought it immediately (then Dove saw me use it and they sent me more). I’ve used all four types they offer. The sensitive skin and deep moisture are great, the cucumber & green tea scent takes me back to middle school (good for kids, but not my fave scent), and easily my personal favorite is the Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla scent. I LOVE this product.

The only thing wrong with these products is that the sensitive skin and cucumber scents rate poorly for fragrance, but the deep moisture and vanilla scent rate moderately. 0 is cleanest, 10 is worst on the # rating scale. The Deep Moisture and Shea Butter scents rate at a 5, the others at an 8, at least now I know only to buy the moisture and shea butter ones. Not that a 5 rating is great but it’s better than 8!

covergirl vitalist healthy glow highlighter

CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter

I actually use this highlighter as an eyeshadow. To me some of the colors would be way too intense on my skin as a highlighter. Actually I didn’t even realize it was a highlighter at first, I just assumed it was a creme eyeshadow pot so I started using it that way. Currently it’s my go-to eyeshadow. It’s so easy to apply with one finger, no brush needed, easy to travel with, etc.

Call me boring but I usually just apply one eyeshadow color on my lid and call it a day. This little pot packs a lot of product, is easy to use, and stays on my lids all day. I mostly wear the shade Daybreak, but I have them all! I do find that the product dries out a little after a while. But it’s so cheap and easy it’s ok.

Can’t find this product on either list at this time to know how it rates.

honest sunscreen spray

Honest Sunscreen Spray

We all know Honest is a clean company (founded by Jessica Alba). So you can absolutely trust their products as far as that goes unless you have a specific allergy you might want to check the ingredients. I like to have lotion sunscreens and sunscreen sprays. I use sprays if I’m not going to be out long, or for reapplication. I use lotions to kick off a long day in the sun or intense sun.

I love this sunscreen. For me it worked (I didn’t get in water but was outside in the sun for a long time). I loved that it felt like nothing was on my skin, not slimy or sticky. Will definitely be buying it all summer.

aveeno body yogurt and aveeno overnight hydrating facial

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt Vanilla & Oats Lotion

Of course I prefer a pump in almost all cases so I don’t have to deal with a lid, but I really like this body lotion from Aveeno, and it smells amazing. Which usually means it has fragrance in it, which is no bueno. I still like it and will still use it for now. I want clean products but I also hate to waste products that I otherwise like. It ranks at an 8 because of the fragrance, without the fragrance it’s a 5.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial

Was really surprised at how moisturized this product kept my skin overnight. It really works! I couldn’t find the exact products on either site to see how it ranked, but for a drugstore product it works really well.

Pantene Micellar Shampoo in Shower

Pantene Micellar Shampoo

You might have already seen me mention this shampoo — I did a sponsored post about it. But I want to reiterate how much I like this product. This isn’t a paid placement or anything, I was literally in the shower the other day just thinking how much I loved it and wanted to add it to this post since it fit within the drugstore product theme.

In addition to it being a pump — which I personally love products with a pump in the shower — the shampoo smells so good. And it lathers really well, and I love me a good lather. Currently I have three types of shampoo in my shower and I always reach for this one.

This product wasn’t on either list that I could find.

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Some of these products were sent to me for review, I was not paid to include any of them in this post. All opinions are honest and are my own.

All photos by Meg Biram except Pantene photos by Emma Weiss for