Beauty Dossier No.9

beauty dossier

Back with another Beauty Dossier where I tell you about beauty products I love, and some that I don’t!

I am trying to pare down the beauty products I own (I did a big purge and got rid of 2/3 of my products over the holidays!). But I’m also trying to clean up my products as well, meaning using products that are made of clean ingredients. I’m not quite there yet, but slowly I’m switching over. Also I am on a lot of PR mailing lists and boxes of beauty products show up at my house constantly. I try to give them away, donate them, test some of them, and only keep the ones I actually love.

I could only find one of these products on the EWG Skin Deep site, so I don’t have much of that info for you today.


Otherland Candles

Love the branding behind this candle brand, and honestly the scents really surprised me at just how good they are. Not only are the scents rich and fill a room, but the complexity of the scents was impressive to me as someone who burns a candle every day. I was seriously impressed and now I want them all! The founder clearly has a nose and I’m curious to smell the rest of her line.

Beauty Counter Cream Eyeshadow

I’m a fan of Beauty Counter’s transparency as a brand and the fact that they are a clean beauty brand. I think people get turned off by the company structure but it doesn’t bother me. I tried these cream eyeshadows at an event on my hand and was really impressed with them. I ordered them, and use only a few of the colors and for whatever reason am not as impressed as I was at the event. I’m sure I’ll still use them until I find something better — I’m on the cream shadow hunt! They don’t sell them anymore anyway, but still wanted to share in case they bring them back. I’d be interested to see if they change the formula at all. Maybe I just need to play with them a little more.

Lanolips 101 Ointment

Of all the lip balms out there, this one is nice and does last for a while. I like the cute little package. It’s been one of the lip products I carry around in my purse and gym bag for the past few months.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner

I really like this lip liner. I only have a few others to compare it to but of the few I have, it’s the one I reach for the most. I have the color Pillow Talk and it works with almost all the nude lipstick colors I have.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

For a more matte finish the formula of this lipstick is really creamy. I have Pillow Talk which is one of the more infamous colors from Charlotte Tilbury and it really is a great nude color. The packaging is GORGEOUS.

Slip Skinnies

The smaller of the Silk brand’s silk scrunchies. The silk is gentle on my already fragile hair. For being so large they actually do work for me. I have to twist them 3-4 times but they mostly stay put unless my thin hair is really clean and silky, then they won’t necessarily stay. I use them all the time, even when I’m working out. Definitely one of my favorite hair products. I can’t use the bigger scrunchies because I just don’t have enough hair but these are great!

Origins Blooming Sheer Lip Balm 

Origins sent me a large selection of their new lip balms and lipsticks. The Honey Blush lip balm became my immediate go-to for sheer color. It’s been in my purse ever since. I love how heavy the packaging is. It makes it feel luxurious. It’s sheer, and just the right amount of color to make it look like you didn’t think too much about your lips but they are the perfect nude color. Cons to the product are that I don’t like the smell, and I just don’t think it lasts very long and doesn’t seem to be super moisturizing to me, but honestly, not many lip products with color are the best at moisturizing and lasting long. So I’ll probably use the product it until it’s gone for a hint of casual color unless I find something that replaces it. The EWG rating is a 5, so not terrible, but not great.


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Some of these products were sent to me for review, I was not paid to include any of them in this post. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Photo by Meg Biram