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43 hair products to tame your mane!

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This month I asked the beauty experts about a subject — you might know — has been a bit of an ordeal for me over the past two years. HAIR! You can read all about my hair ordeal here. Being newly obsessed with hair products and hair care myself, I had to ask them about their hair and what their favorite hair products are!

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If I had to pick my favorite can’t-live-without hair products right now they would be:

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo — This is THE BEST dry shampoo if you let your hair go a long time or just have really oily hair. It gets the oil right out leaving you looking fresh and clean. I like a few other dry shampoos, but this one is the easiest to travel with and works the best on my dirtiest hair days.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment —  When they say this product is weightless, they mean it! You can have the thinnest hair and slather this all over it and it will NOT make your hair oily — I promise. I’ve used it weekly ever since my hair incident.

It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In Lite — My thin hair can’t take the full version that Claire recommends below, so I use the lite version. In the shower I usually only condition the lower half of my hair, so I spray all over with this when I get out!

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil — So many uses for this. Tame flyaways, add some shine and nourishment to try hair, and heat protectant. Plus it smells sooooooo good.

ghd Creative Curl Wand — In my opinion, this wand (when used properly) gives amazing beachy waves. I love how it’s an oval and cone shape. I think it makes the curls look more natural and unique.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray — Cannot. Live. Without. This. Product. Same with a few gals below. It is just the best texture-adding product that I’ve tried. Plus it smells good. Only downside is the price tag. But you can try the travel (2.2 oz) version first before you spend your money on the regular size.

Beauty Expert Elizabeth Dehn's Favorite Hair Products

Elizabeth Dehn // Founder of Beauty Bets

I have long, fine hair that gets wavy in humidity but ironically doesn’t hold curl very well.  I’m constantly on the hunt for products and techniques that create or maintain volume. A simple blowout is always my best bet but that gets boring. And of course, the cut is everything: long layers or bust!

I don’t know where I’d be without dry shampoo. It doesn’t just extend my style, it actually gives it volume — especially those with some grit, like Drybar Detox.

I’ve tried $200 curling irons and I come back to Hot Tools every time. The bigger the barrel size, the bouncier the wave (I use 1-1/4 inch).

The makers of Revitalash recently launched a haircare line called Regenisis and the thickening shampoo is incredible for encouraging growth and creating body.

Hairspray rarely stands a chance with my droopy locks with the exception of Devacurl which also smells like a DREAM.

For big hair, whether blown out or curled, nothing beats Bumble+Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse. It’s one of the only volumizers I’ve tried in 20 years that actually works.

Beauty Expert Tara Foley's Favorite Hair Products

Tara Foley // Founder of Follain

I have super fine hair but a ton of it (so it feels mid-weight) and I like to say that my hair has many personalities—especially right now; 1) summer, 2) post-baby and 3) under slept / over stressed. When I blow dry only, my hair flips at the bottom by midday (so I usually straighten when blowdrying if looking going for straight). But when I let it air dry, it’s super wavy, almost curly, and that looks pretty crazy now that its short. No matter whether I blow dry, flatiron, or air dry, I use a ton of styling products these days.

The post baby thing is so weird by the way. NO ONE told me that you lose all your hair after having a baby. I now have these terrible wisps that look like I attempted to cut my own bangs. I end up using this brow gel to hold them back when necessary.

Yarok Feed Your Ends is my favorite heat protectant. I try to always use it before styling, and even bring the travel size with me to blowouts. It has a great scent (from essential oils, not synthetic fragrance) and it’s formulated with wholesome yet super light oils.

Another favorite I swear by to extend blowouts for days (yes, days — I’m a shower cap queen) is Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo. It has a cool nozzle that “mists” out the light vanilla scented hair powder. This formula works really well for brunettes, compared to other cleaner options, and it’s made with casava root instead of the talc and butane (yes, like lighters!) you tend to find in most dry shampoos.

I’m trying to treat my hair and scalp as well as I do my skin — your hair ages too! It gets finer, falls out in chunks (especially post baby apparently) and it generally looses its luster and weight. I’m head over heels obsessed with Intelligent Nutrients PurePlenty Scalp and Strand Serum and try to remember to rub it into my scalp every night before going to bed. It smells unbelievable, stimulates the scalp, and I’m convinced I see a noticeable difference in my blow-dried hair when I don’t use it for a few days.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray has become a cult classic, even outside of the clean beauty space, as it’s real salt and rose oils strike the perfect, non-crunchy balance. I use this whenever I’m not blow drying, to give that air-dry look a little more coif. When I say this smells divine, I mean it — all from essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance.

I switch up my shampoos between 3 different options these days. But in an effort to nourish my hair and scalp just like I would my skin, this shampoo is amazing. Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo goes way beyond being safe and sulfate free—to truly nourishing and repairing the hair and scalp. After rubbing in you actually let it sit on your scalp for a minute or two before rinsing out (I’ll usually do this when using body scrub). And sorry to say it again, but I love the smell of these real ingredients too. Makes for the best shower experience!

Beauty Expert Naina Singla's Favorite Hair Products

Dr. Naina Singla // Doctorate in pharmacy, experience in dermatology and facial aesthetics

Growing up I had really nice thick healthy hair and I think it’s because my mom gave my sister and me weekly coconut oil treatments with a relaxing scalp massage. I didn’t appreciate these oil treatments at the time but for years my hair was healthy and thick.

My hair has become dry and damaged over the years from constant blow drying, coloring/highlighting, and straightening. Also in the past couple of years I have been finding a lot of grey hair too. So now a lot of the hair products I use are geared towards keeping my hair strong, healthy, and shiny. I use a lot of different products on my hair but these are 5 that I use regularly and would highly recommend.

I use the Aveda Brilliant Spray On Shine as a finishing spray to add shine, reduce frizz, and tame flyaways. It also has a nice jasmine and rose scent.

Moroccan oil treatment is a versatile argan-infused styler that I use mostly on the days I wash my hair. I work a small amount into my hair when it’s wet and especially on the ends. The oil works great as a detangled, reduces frizz, and because it’s non-greasy and fast absorbing it gives my hair a nice soft texture.

On my recent trip to London I managed to fry my hair straightener so I read some reviews and ended up purchasing this award winning GHD Platinum Professional Performance Styler. So far I am loving it for curling, straightening, and creating waves.

I use the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine spray mainly in the summer months. During these hotter and more humid months I like to try and let my hair dry naturally and this luxurious spray is the perfect product to create tousled waves.

Color Wow Root Cover Up is a compact concealer for greying or growing out roots. I have tried other products including touch up root sprays but I keep coming back to this powder formation. It adheres nicely to the roots for a natural appearance.

Beauty Expert Nadie Matar's Favorite Hair Products

Nadine Matar // Hairstylist at PR at Partners K Street in Washington D.C.

To say that I love hair would be the understatement of the century. As a hairstylist and colorist, I am constantly trying new products on myself and my clients, as well as constantly evolving my treatment regimen and styling routine. My hair is naturally very wavy, and no two waves are the same. I only shampoo my hair twice a week, but will wet and condition it nearly every other day.

My daily style involves air-drying (60% of the time). I scrunch product into very damp hair and don’t touch it until it’s completely dry. Then I add flat iron waves throughout the week to spruce up any waves that have fallen flat. My other go-to styles involve a slicked back bun (20% of the time) or a sleek blowout with a loose wave (10% of the time). Here are some of my favorite products for achieving these various looks:

The very first product that touches my hair is always always ALWAYS one of Kerastase’s Thermique. My two favorites are Ciment and Nectar. They nourish my hair and add protein or moisture as well as protect from heat. Even though I air dry, it’s important I have a heat protectant built into my regime to protect my hair in case I add any flat iron curls on days 2-4.

My #1 ride-or-die, deserted island hair product is Moroccan Oil Curl Control Mousse. It’s never stiff, never heavy, and always leave my natural wave feeling beachy and frizz-free.

My next favorite curl product is Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream. My favorite way to use it is to cocktail it in my hands with the mousse; one pump of cream two two pumps of mousse. Scrunch into super damp hair and GO.

When I go for a slicked bun look, I always reach for R+Co’s Jackpot styling cream. It gives great hold, and keeps stray hair in place, but is more malleable than a gel.

Everyone needs a dry shampoo option, even if you don’t get oily at the root. It’s a great way to add texture to a tousled wave, or absorb oil after a workout. I always recommend Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only. It only absorbs oil, leaving no residue behind, making it one of the few dry shampoos that can be layered into hair over multiple days without ever getting crunchy.

Beauty Expert Casey's Favorite Hair Products

Casey Crowe Taylor // Formerly at BlueMercury, Birchbox, & Victoria’s Secret

I have long, colored and fine hair but a lot of it or at least that’s what my hair stylist says. I get my hair cut and colored twice a year. Once in January/February and I get a full head of balyage since I’m not in the sun because winter, and then half head balayage around September/October since my hair is so light still from summer usually. I normally cut 3-6 inches off each time depending on my mood.

My haircare routine is fairly low maintenance and I never use the same shampoo and conditioner. In the summer, 9 times out of 10, I let my hair air dry and don’t put any heat to it at all. I’ll apply a hair oil like Davines OI Oil to my unbrushed hair and tousle it and let it air dry like that. I find I get better wave and style that way. If I’m going out that night I’ll spray some Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray on the roots and tousle. I also LOVE Oribe’s AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream for straight out of the shower—it’s the perfect blend of styling/moisturizing product for my hair if I want to make the extra effort that day.

My all time favorite dry shampoo (and I have tried them ALL) is Batiste’s classic — I go through dry shampoo pretty quick and this one not only works but doesn’t break the bank. I buy it in a 3-pack that’s Amazon Prime friendly.

When I do style my hair, I wash it at night, apply oil and brush then let it air dry (I HATE blow drying my hair and avoid it all costs). The next morning I will curl it (leaving out 2 inches at the tips of sections) with the Beachwaver and then I straighten the ends with my favorite straightener, the ghd Platinum Styler. Afterward, I brush through my hair with my fingers only (!!!) and spray some of the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to ends and pinch and tousle.

Lara of The Glossarie recommends her favorite hair products

Lara Ramos // Founder of The Glossarie and Senior Account Executive for COVERGIRL

I recently discovered Virtue Hair from the ladies on Fat Mascara and mine has never been healthier. I had a permanent cowlick/flyaway situation since losing all of my hair after having my daughter (apparently that’s a thing) and this regimen has completely cured it! I use the Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner with the One for All 6-in-1 Styler — a regimen so good that my husband has been thieving the products when he showers. I busted him the other day and he said, “But they make my hair soooo soft.” Guess we’re both hooked.

If you’re looking for the holy grail of hairdryers, let me introduce you to the Sam Villa E-T-C Light. It’s lightweight but super powerful so my hair dries faster, is less fried, and my wrist isn’t killing me by the time it’s over. I’ve had several hair dresser friends endorse this choice — and perhaps the strongest proof is that when my sister and her BF of 7 years broke up a couple of years ago, they argued over who would keep theirs.

For me, the final keys to healthy hair are 1) a great hair turban that soaks up moisture without contributing to frizz and 2) a safe-heat flat iron that leaves hair silky and shiny, never dry. I swear by the Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban. I travel with it and have left it in too many hotel rooms to count (#sobbing). For a flat iron, there is absolutely nothing better than ghd Platinum Styler. I know that splurging on these two things contributes to the overall health of my hair and also extends the time I need between cuts, so I don’t mind making the investment.

Beauty Expert Claire Ashley's Favorite Hair Products

Claire Ashley // Makeup Artist and Beauty Vlogger

I’m a dark brunette with hair that is medium in thickness and in length with some waves to it. I recently went back to my natural color thanks to my hairstylist (shoutout to Nadine Matar who is also a contributor in this post!) and now I am trying to maintain the color and restore it since I was dying it blonde prior to this year.

One of my favorite products to restore my hair is coconut oil. I feel like this is a cliche answer these days since its such a trendy product right now, but it truly is a miracle worker. I use it as a hair mask once a week, usually leaving it in while watching a tv show and I notice an immediate difference after the next wash in the strength and shine in my hair. There are so many beauty benefits about this products I could go on and on about it!

In the shower I like to use Kerastasse Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate Free Shampoo because its one of the few shampoos that I feel like doesn’t strip my color treated hair. It’s such a rich lavish formula and I don’t need much to wash. This came highly recommended at my salon and it has made my hair look significantly better after every shower.

I think I’ve already shared that I can’t live without It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In product in one of these beauty posts before, but it deserves the recognition again. I am usually scared to brush out my unruly hair after the shower unless I have this product nearby. It guarantees to smooth everything out and always preps my hair for styling. I always get compliments on the scent too! I’m big into smells for hair products.

I think it would have saved me a lot of headaches over the years if I had learned about the Wet Brush sooner. The way this brush is designed is to be ultra gentle on your hair and is actually a pleasant experience brushing out your hair with this compared to any other paddle brush. I at first thought it was one of those gimmicky infomercial products, but it really does work!

I am super lazy when it comes to styling my hair, so when I go out I pop a few curls in with the Sedu Clipless Curling Iron. I’ve been using mine for almost 5 years now and I simply curl my natural wavy hair. It creates a really beautiful enhanced wave and it cuts down time to not have a clip as part of the wand.


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