Well this is exciting, my first makeover video! There is a little history here, I actually really hate getting my makeup done. I’ve just never had a good experience with it, so I literally never get it done. I did my own makeup for my wedding, for every wedding I’ve been in, every photo shoot, everything. The whole other people have used that brush/lipstick weirds me out and touches on my germaphobe tendencies. So that on top of the fact that I’ve just never had a good experience with getting my makeup done makes me weird about makeup. However, the lovely makeup artist/YouTuber Claire Ashley (fellow studio mate), was determined to win me over with her skills. So we did a 2-part video series together to help me get over my getting my makeup done issues.

The first video is a Before & After — bare skin (literally I have NOTHING on my skin besides my favorite moisturizer) to a Day look. The second video, which we will reveal tomorrow, is a Day-to-Night look. Claire did both of these looks on me using my own makeup and brushes (nothing to worry about fellow germaphobes, although I can vouch for Claire and her dedication to brush cleaning).

All the links for the products used are below the video on YouTube, so you can click there if you want to look at any of my products.