The Beauty Myth About Wound Care

beauty myth - wounds scabs

I can’t believe I’m 34 and I’m just now learning this.

I was at my new dermatologist last week (for something unrelated to this) and I showed her my wound from my biking accident in Lake Tahoe. She was like ooooooo yeah, you should have kept it moist. And I was like, wha!?!

I thought you were supposed to let it dry out and scab up to heal!

Well my friends, that is a beauty myth.

My dermatologist said that there is new evidence that keeping your wound moist (therefore NOT scabbing) will help it heal faster, and the scar will be less. After thoroughly cleaning the wound, she recommended using something like Aquaphor to keep the wound moist, then covering it with a gauze pad (one that would not stick to the wound, also use lots of Aquaphor), and change the bandage regularly.

I can tell you from the current experience I’m having of having a scab on your elbow — it is NOT FUN. And would be much less painful (and annoying) if I had kept it moist. Also, it might be healed by now. It’s been over two weeks since my accident and only one of my two large scabs is gone, leaving very tender pink skin now exposed. Ugh. Now I’m keeping it moist and covered although it’s a little late for it to help much.

I’m sure many of you knew this already, but considering I’m 34 and am just now figuring this out, I thought there might be some of you who needed to know!


Photo via Unsplash