6 Beauty Products in my Gym Bag

Beauty Products in my Gym Bag

While I’m a huge fan of not washing my hair, since I workout regularly I have to take a shower almost every day. Also, I’m a germaphobe and I have sensitive skin that is especially sensitive to heat. With my sensitive skin and germaphobe ways, I’m always looking out for beauty products to use before and after the gym or yoga.

The very first thing I do after any workout is wash my hands, then I’ll move on to the rest of my post-workout beauty routine that I do at the gym or yoga studio before I leave. I have to use gentle products particularly on my face because while my face is hot I will react to products that I wouldn’t react to under normal circumstances.

6 Beauty Products in my Gym Bag

1 // Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm — For whatever reason, I have to put lip balm on before I work out. Dry lips drive me crazy! So I always make sure to have some in my bag to put on before and after I workout.

2 // Simple Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes — Right after I workout I wipe my face with one of these wipes. Sometimes I might have makeup on from the day, so after I sweat I like to wipe everything off before I go home. Sometimes I’ll wipe off makeup before and after my workout with these wipes.

3 // Yuni Flash Bath No Rinse Body Cleansing Foam — I’ve used this after workouts or even at home on these hot summer days if I’ve been outside. This product is great if you are going straight from working out to somewhere and you want to freshen up between without taking a shower. I have an obsession with foam so I immediately liked this product, but it actually works and works well. It’s easy to slather on and it absorbs easily into the skin.

4 // Blink Contacts Eye Drops — I wear contacts and have dry eyes, so I ALWAYS have eye drops with me. After working out, especially hot yoga or if I get in the sauna, I need eyedrops afterward.

5 // Yuni Shower Sheets Body Wipes — These body wipes are so easy to throw in your gym bag. I like to use them especially after hot yoga because I can actually reach my entire back with them. After hot yoga I have to wipe down! They work really well, so I can use one on my entire upper body and feel refreshed.

6 // Manduka Mat Wash — Not exactly a beauty product, but I like to wipe my yoga mat down with mat wash. I just leave it in my bag so it’s always with me after a yoga session.

That’s it for beauty products, but I have to mention my gym bag! This super light-weight black bag is great. If it gets super sweaty I can just throw it in the wash! Also shown is my Manduka Towel — this is great for yoga, or just wiping off after working out.

Beauty Products for the Gym

Photos by Emma Weiss