Being Present

holiday being present

It’s that time of year. Things get busy, you’re trying to wrap up projects before the holidays all while planning for the new year, on top of getting everything ready for the holidays. Buying gifts, planning meals, packing for travel, trying to fit in a workout here and there. It can be a lot!

My industry is usually really busy leading up to the holidays and I typically get really worn out by Christmas. I always take the 2 weeks around holidays to do a lot of planning, reading, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Personally, I had a few insane weeks followed by two weeks of catchup, and now I’m leaving to go home to see family and friends (in Kansas City) for the holidays for a few days. Because I’m in the process of finishing my new website (!!!) and the second launch of my online course Your Ideal Year (the course just opened up again!), I will not be taking too much of a break over the holidays.

So even though I can’t take much of a break this holiday season, I’m very good at being present when I’m with family and friends. Usually when I go home, I take a break from technology. I may check my email every now and then. I might post on Snapchat or Insta Stories or Instagram, but I never pressure myself. Usually I bring my laptop and rarely open it. I instantly relax and try to take a break.

I’m so excited for what’s coming in 2017 I can hardly contain my excitement. I have to channel that energy into mega productivity because I have a lot to do. So much to share with you!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Photo via Unsplash by Jennifer Pallian