Benahavis and Southern Spain

beach resort in estepona, spain

On our second week in Spain, my husband and I were meeting up with my brother and his wife for a week. Her parents graciously gave us the use of their timeshare property, which was amazing and so kind of them. We stayed on the beach at a resort halfway between Estepona and Marbella.

During our week in southern Spain, we used the resort as our home base and we did a lot of day trips to other places — Morocco, Gibraltar, Rhonda, and Sevilla. It was nice doing it this way because we could leave all of our stuff in one place for a week and just do day trips. Although I would have loved to spend several days in a lot of different places around southern Spain.

umbrellas on beach in malaga

But first we had to take advantage of being on the beach with some sun time. My biggest mistake when planning this trip was that I didn’t plan in enough beach/rest time. We were so busy going and seeing and doing, we were often exhausted and didn’t get a lot of rest. I learned my lesson for our next long trip.

palm trees estepona spain

Another thing I learned was that the weather in Northern Spain is totally different than Southern Spain. We were in Barcelona the week before and it wasn’t warm enough to lay on the beach, but in Southern Spain it was perfect. This was late May. I had looked at the weather reports for Barcelona but I just didn’t want to believe it would be that chilly.

restaurant de los faroles in benahavis, spain

We didn’t spend a ton of time exploring the beach towns because we had read they were touristy. Which could be totally false, but we only had so much time, so we had to be choosy when deciding where to spend our time. We had also gone to the grocery store and bought groceries to make breakfast and dinner at our resort a few nights.

restaurant in benahavis, spain

One evening we wanted to venture out for dinner so we found a small town nearby that had some restaurants that looked good online. I always look for local places that aren’t tourist traps.

Melon and Jamon in Spain

We drove to Benahavis and walked up and down the main strip of restaurants, Calle Malaga. We ended up eating at La Escalera.

La Escalera restaurant in Benahavis, Spain.

It was a lovely experience dining al fresco, but I learned some lessons. Spanish service is just totally different than service here in the US. I explained it in this post, number 12. Let’s just say I wanted more wine. I also didn’t like that the restaurant just let people into it to try to sell you things, while you are eating dinner. That just really bothered me. I mean they had to go up the stairs and into the restaurant to do that, and it just seemed so strange.

Flowers in Benahavis

If we would have had more time I would have loved to spend more time in Benahavis and try more of the restaurants. It was such a charming place.

door in benahavis, spain

So much more of Spain to explore. I’ll be back in no time!

Have you been to Spain? What was your favorite place/experience there?

restaurant in benahavis, spain

Photos by Meg Biram. Do not use without permission.