The Best Phone Accessory for Your Car

You'll wonder how you lived without it.

phone car magnet

You could say I have bad luck with all things car related. I mean seriously, I cannot catch a break. Anytime six months go by and something hasn’t happened to my car, or it doesn’t need some huge repair — I know it’s coming.

Literally as I type this post, my newish car (we’ve had it for a year) is at the shop because last week there was a paint spill on the street and I had two options — drive through it, or crash. I actually didn’t even realize it was still wet, I thought it was dry. Wrong.

I didn’t think anything of it until my husband got home and I saw him out the window taking a close look at the car and I thought, hmmm did someone door ding me?!? He was like, what is this yellow stuff. My eyes got huge and I was like THAT DAMN YELLOW PAINT! I wish I took a photo of it now, but I have a black car so you can imagine.

I won’t even get into all of my other car stories in detail, but briefly in DC if you park on the street, it’s basically a matter of time before your car gets broken into. Even in a nice neighborhood — doesn’t matter. We had that happen to us at least once, but maybe twice. I can’t remember at this point. And there was literally NOTHING in our car. We know better. Not even an empty bag. Then we had a tree branch go through our windshield during a storm (we weren’t in the car). That was fun to walk out and see. Literally a tree branch sticking straight up out of our windshield. And perhaps the most dramatic — our car was hit by a drunk driver (he hit 11 cars on our street, ours was the first one and the most damaged, no we were not in it). Literally the entire side of our car was gone. The metal doors were unrecognizable chunks of metal on the side of the street. I walked past them to get to the driver’s side of the car NOT REALIZING THEY WERE THE DOORS TO MY CAR. It was completely totaled. During a period that we didn’t have a car I was “renting” a car from my friend and a door that was propped up against a wall fell on her car in a parking garage one week before we were giving it back to her. ONE FUCKING WEEK. So obviously, we had to pay for that to be fixed. There have been more incidents but I won’t even go there. All of that has happened in just the past few years.

Two Volvos and a BMW later, now we have a Toyota Highlander — my first SUV ever — and I LOVE it. I don’t know if I can ever go back to driving a low car, although I do miss being able to park in tiny spots in DC. With our new house the SUV had been invaluable with moving and hardware store runs. I also use it for work all the time — photo shoot props, big canvases, and paint. So much easier to move things around now!

So that’s a little of my car history, but let’s get to this phone/car accessory that I swear you will wonder how you functioned without it. 

I was riding with my friend Lara and when we got in her car, she just stuck her phone on her dash. And I was like WHAT DID YOU JUST DO AND WHAT IS THAT!?! She sent me the link to the product that evening and I ordered it immediately — I’m completely obsessed.

phone accessory magnet

It’s a car phone mount that is a magnet that you put in the back of your phone case (or you can stick it right on your phone I suppose) and you put the other magnet onto the air vent in your car. You’ll see the rubber thing on the vent below. And boom — magic. I mean it’s just a magnet, some sort of holder for a phone in a car isn’t rocket science, but I love how simple this one is!

The magnet is VERY strong, so it will hold your heavy giant phone. Sometimes you might have to play with the placement of where you put the magnet — I recommend the middle or a little higher in your phone case. The mount I’m linking to comes with multiple magnets so you can put two in your phone case to cover the entire back of it if you choose.

magnet for your cell phone

It also comes with two air vent magnets so you can either put two of them in one car if two of you share a car and ride together a lot, or you can put one in each car if you have two cars.

When I travel and renting a car, I seriously take mine with me. It makes navigating your GPS so much easier — no looking down!

Obviously it’s great for GPS. I rarely talk on the phone when I’m driving. Too much traffic in DC — I need to concentrate on driving. But I will listen to a podcast or a book, so having it mounted is so much easier than having it in my cup holder, my lap, or in my purse. And, I rarely ever drop it — you know when you have your phone in your lap and you get out of your car and your phone goes flying onto the concrete and you cringe before picking it up just HOPING the case protected it!?! Now my phone is never in my lap, so that doesn’t happen anymore.

$9 that will literally change your life. I can’t even tell you how many people have gotten into my car with me and had the same reaction I had — they want to know what it is! Clearly I’m obsessed with it. Get the details and one for yourself here. (FYI — This post is NOT sponsored, it just made such a big difference in my day-to-day that I wanted to share it with you guys!)

Do you have any phone accessories you can’t live without? I can’t live without this one either.

Photos by Emma Weiss