Best Posts and Instagrams from 2016

Gray Palm Mural

I always find it interesting to look back and see what the most popular posts are from each year. Note that these were my most popular posts posted in 2016, there are others from past years that are in the mix of my most popular posts ever. Also, something to think about, is that posts from earlier in the year have had time to get more traffic than ones in the fall/winter. Just something interesting (to me at least) to think about when thinking about SEO and popular posts. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t judge a posts SEO until 3 months after it goes up.

I’ve learned that you guys love my hair incident posts and my book posts. And some travel posts made this list which is good because there’s a lot more travel content coming up! I feel like people are willing to spend the money to travel now more than ever, and being a digital world, we research on the Internet! I hope to provide so much more travel inspiration and information for you this year!

20 Best Blog Posts of 2016 (in no particular order)

1 // Great Coffee Shops in Washington D.C. 

2 // 15 Tips Before Traveling to Spain

3 // How I’m Growing My Damaged Hair Back Out After “The Incident”

4 // 4 Mindset Shifts That Changed My Life

5 // What To Do & Where To Eat in Kansas City

6 // 6 Things I Wish I Would Have Done in my 20s

7 // Giving My Hair Volume & Texture

8 // I Attempted Dry January and Daily Workouts and This Is What Happened

9 // 15 Books I’ve Read So Far This Year

10 // 6 Ways To Read More Books This Year

11 // Jazz with Jamie Cullum at the St. Regis

12 // OPI Washington D.C. Collection

13 // Transforming My Home Office with a Hand-Painted Palm Leaf Mural

14 // Thoughts On Expensive Cities

15 // My Favorite Boots — Acne Jensen

16 // 10 Places To Eat in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

17 // Holiday Gift Guide for Girlie Teen Girls

18 // I Got Rid Of All My Magazines and I’m Still Alive

19 // 7 Secrets to Your Best Skin

20 // Meg’s Edit Travel Chic


Blue Lagoon in Iceland

10 Best Instagram Posts of 2016 (based on a combination of likes, reach, impressions, and engagement)

1 // White House at Christmas and another

2 // Christmas Bar

3 // Blue Lagoon

4 // OPI Washington DC Collection and more OPI

5 // Pink Duster

6 // Black Dress & Black Flats

7 // Red Dress

8 // Sagrada Familia

9 // Hemingway, and Hemingway, and Hemingway (he’s a popular guy)

10 // Jazz at the St. Regis


Were any of these your favorite too?