Lesson I Learned in 2014

As I continue to plan 2015, I end up reflecting deeper on 2014, and I realized I learned one HUGE thing in 2014.

It’s a strange thing for me to learn for anyone who really knows me because I’ve always been such an optimist. Always positive, always glass-is-half-full, always an ambitious dreamer. But the older I’ve gotten, and the more life has sometimes put me in shitty situations (ones I actually have no control over) — the more realistic and negative I’ve gotten.

I saw myself go from positive to negative last year. I didn’t realize it for months. I never wanted to be that person who was negative and always talking about the bad things. I think anyone who knows me in person will probably think I’m being overdramatic and that I’m not actually like this (which is good), but I’m more like this than I used to be and I don’t like that because I don’t want to be like that at all.

I also never wanted to be the type of blogger/entrepreneur that just put on a happy face and was like — this is so easy guys! I love my life, I love what I do, you should do it too — even though I do love my life and my work, I also want people to realize it’s also really fucking hard to be an entrepreneur in the industry I’m in.

Some people think they want to be entrepreneurs, but really when it gets down to the work and stress they just really aren’t cut out for it. And that is totally OK. It’s definitely not for everyone. I never wanted to be someone who glamorized blogging and entrepreneurism and made it look all shiny and perfect. It’s a business — business is hard.

I do want to be someone who champions following your dreams in whatever capacity you can. Who encourages people to start a business, who helps educate people on what they need to know, who helps people realize what they actually want and set their goals, and shows them how to get there (working on that GSD ebook as we speak).

But to be really honest with you, 2014 was a really hard year for me. I’ve realize now that it was a building year and that some years will be better than others. I’ve moved past it now and won’t dwell on it (does no good). But what I really learned from 2014 is that my mindset was all wrong. I realized I needed to get back to my overly positive and optimistic self, and change the way I was thinking about everything. So I did. Mindset = Changed!

What did you learn about yourself last year?


Photo of my by Abby Jiu