anine bing black bra

If you’ve been around here long enough you know that I’ve mentioned I don’t exactly have large boobs. I’m a small slender person with equally small boobs. Always have been.

There are advantages of course to being smaller on top. I’ve never had to worry about shirts fitting or looking risqué. I can go braless, no problem. Working out even in a flimsy sports bra is fine. So while I’d love to have a little more up there, I do see the positive side.

Because I’ve always been small on top, I never really thought about lace bras with no wire and no shape in the cup at all as an option. I love the look of a lacy black bra under a sheer black or white blouse or t-shirt, so I wanted to try it out for myself.

While I have other nice bras (underwire, padding, structure, lace), there was just something about this lace bra when I put it on that made me feel instantly sexy. Much sexier than I feel in my other bras. Like I had a little secret under my shirt.

There are so many other things that make me feel sexy of course (my husband!). But when it comes to clothing, my lace bra and a killer dress (in addition to confidence) make me feel the sexiest. Add a little smoky eye in there, bam.

As I was watching Project Runway last night (one of the only shows I still watch!), it was the lingerie challenge, and the winning look was a black lace bra. Nina was actually talking about how sexy it would be under a sheer blouse, and I had written this post already. Great minds…

If you’ve never felt sexy in your bra, girlfriend you need to try some new ones on. Everyone deserves to feel sexy! If you’ve never tried a sheer lace bra, I encourage you to see how it makes you feel!

What makes you feel sexy? 

For the ladies who have larger boobs, sorry I can’t relate to you and I know the zero support lace bras aren’t something you can wear for very long. I’ve linked to some bras that have a lot more support than the one above, so take a look!

I picked out some of my favorites for you:


Photo by Laura Metzler