Black & White Eye and Eyelash Mural

eye and eyelash mural by meg biram

Recently I painted two murals in a new beauty studio here in the DC area! You might have caught it on my Instagram story a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share some photos! This is one of the murals, my client’s favorite of the two.

She approached me after seeing this mural in another DC office I painted a while back. She had a clear vision of what she wanted — two murals, both black and white (matte black!), one an eyes and eyelashes pattern, the other an abstract design that I’ll share soon but you can see a snippet of it here.

I had so much fun painting both of these murals, and it was really fun to see (via Instagram stories) which mural people responded to — the eyelash mural or the abstract mural. The imperfections, differences in eyelid thickness, and brushy strokes were all on purpose to give the mural the feel of originality and actually being painted versus some sort of wall decal.

eye and eyelash mural by meg biram

My mural painting began in high school when I was chosen as one of 5 students from 5 different high schools to paint a mural on a building as a summer job. By far the coolest job I ever had in my teens. I never really gave mural painting a second thought until I moved into my Georgetown Studio and wanted to paint the hallway something crazy. You can see the gray mural in my Georgetown Studio here.

I’ve been enjoying doing these projects, and have a few more on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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eye and eyelash mural by meg biram

Photos by Meg Biram