The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Wine, mud masks, hot steamy water — what more could you want?!

Meg Biram - Blue Lagoon - Iceland

When I was researching what I wanted to do when I went to Iceland I read a lot about the Blue Lagoon. Most people recommended it. A few said it was touristy and recommended going to the other more local geothermal baths. Being someone who LOVES hot water and heat in general, I did both. And I can tell you that both are amazing in their own ways.

First of all, if someone tells you not to go to the Blue Lagoon I will strongly disagree with them. GO! It’s AMAZING. Make sure you scroll down to the video at the bottom of this post.

I do think there is a way to experience it best and I’ll tell you, but honestly it’s fun and magical and relaxing and you should definitely put it on your list if you are going to Iceland! Personally, I’d love to go back even if it’s just on a quick layover to somewhere in Europe.

And actually the Blue Lagoon is the perfect thing to do if you have a layover in Iceland. It’s not too far from the airport and there are shuttles that go back and forth all day.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Meg Biram floating in Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Our Experience at the Blue Lagoon

We drove from our hotel in Reykjavik and had an appointment for 10:00 am with another couple that came with my husband and I on the trip. It was about a 45 minute drive.

I didn’t realize what all the Blue Lagoon had to offer. I thought we’d be there for a few hours and then head out to some waterfalls for the day, but oh was I wrong. Very wrong.

We got right into the water. Got a glass of wine. Did both of the face masks they offer and the body scrub. Took a bajillion photos and video (thanks to my husband and the waterproof iPhone bag I bought on site). Then my husband sat in the steam room for about 20 minutes while I stayed in the larger lagoon.

We had a reservation for the Lava Restaurant around 1:00 pm and wanted to rinse off and get ready before it so I only spent about 90 minutes doing all of that in the Blue Lagoon and I felt rushed. I could have sat in there ALL DAY LONG. There are tons of nooks in the lagoon that if you don’t take the time to explore you would never see them. Also I would have loved to have taken more advantage of their spa facilities. You can get a massage while laying on a raft in the lagoon. Seriously sign me up for all of it. They also have a nap room and now the hotel is open!

The locker room facilities are amazing. You won’t have any problems showering and getting completely ready there.

If you are having a hard time deciding if the Lava Restaurant is worth the money, I’ll tell you right now IT IS. It was one of the best meals we had in Iceland. If you are going to the Blue Lagoon, just go all out and splurge and stay there ALL DAY. Our experience was too short in my personal opinion (although I don’t think the boys would have wanted to be there too much longer).

Bridge in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Meg Biram in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Why is the Blue Lagoon so amazing?

If you like spas and hot water and hot tubs and saunas and steam rooms and massages and delicious food and beauty treatments then you’ll love the Blue Lagoon. Also, it’s just beautiful. It’s so relaxing and fun at the same time.

Wine in the Blue Lagoon

Steam Room at Blue Lagoon

Meg Biram - Blue Lagoon - Iceland

The Best Way to Experience the Blue Lagoon

This is my personal opinion of how I’d love to go back and experience it. I highly recommend going early in the morning. We were there at 10:00 am and it wasn’t very crowded yet. Honestly I’d get a ticket for 8:00 am if you are wanting to take photos without a bunch of people in them. And if you want to experience it without a lot of people go early! Also, you can stay ALL DAY LONG, so if you go early you can maximize your day. The later you get there, the more people will be there.

Absolutely prebook your ticket. While we were in line they had to turn people away who just showed up because they were already booked all day. Can you imagine planning to spend your 6-hour layover at the Blue Lagoon only to be turned away because they are all booked!?! So get a ticket in advance.

There are four ticket levels — we had the Premium tickets, which I highly recommend. The robe is clutch. During most months Iceland is cold, so wearing that robe around and not just the towel you dried off in is amazing. Also a lot of people would even wear the robe to lunch at Lava Restaurant and then get back in the lagoon after lunch.

If you are wanting to do the lagoon on the cheap, you will need to bring towels and stuff with you which takes up room in your luggage then you have wet towels, ugh. Not worth it.

Don’t worry about bringing your wallet in for the bar, they will give you a wrist band that you will charge everything to during your day and then you settle up when you leave. One thing to note — do NOT lose your wrist band. I did. Mine wasn’t very secure to begin with and wasn’t latching properly (also my wrist is small) and it fell off in the locker room and it took me 20 minutes and two staff members to find it (which they were very kind about).

Make a reservation for Lava. It’s delicious and worth it. Give yourself more time than you think you need. At least 2 hours to order, eat, and digest a little.

Take advantage of all the facilities and book your spa services in advance. Leave time at the end of your day to shower, get ready, and shop as they have a lot of beauty products you will want to peruse. Or stay on site in their new hotel.

If you want to take a camera or phone in the water I recommend getting a waterproof bag for it. It would be annoying to have to hold your hands above water the entire time, or get out and put it away. I bought one for my phone on site and it worked perfectly. I would have loved to have used my actual camera but my phone was just much easier.

My main advice is to make a day of it and do it all very slowly. Relax, and savor every second.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Meg Biram's skin after the Blue Lagoon.

My skin felt and looked amazing after those mud masks and all of that relaxation!

Meg Biram in the Blue Lagoon.

If you have any questions, they answer most of them here.

Here’s a video from my experience in the Blue Lagoon!


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Special thanks to WOW Air for getting me to Iceland and the Blue Lagoon for providing this experience. All opinions are my own.