The Husband’s Secret

Book The Husband's Secret

I have cycles of reading. I’m usually always reading a book focused on business but I also like to be reading another book. Whether it’s non-fiction or fiction, I need a story that gets me out of my own head and not thinking about my work which I tend to do 24/7.

I read really fast, and love to read at night to help me relax and fall asleep. I can usually read a book in a few days. I recently borrowed The Husband’s Secret from the DC Library. Let me enlighten you if you haven’t been to your local library lately or have been paying for books. Which I’m actually totally fine paying for books considering I write ebooks myself, and I still will purchase physical books and ebooks that I want to own. But some books I’m also fine with checking out from a library — the digital library that is (I think you are probably supposed to use the one for the state you live in, but not sure it matters.) It’s so easy and FREE! This was the first book I’ve ever rented digitally, but I already put more books on hold to read.

Let me start by saying this is a major SPOILER ALERT so don’t continue reading because I’ll ruin the book for you. But this book, wow. Wow. I just cannot imagine what I would do in any of the situations.

So, if you’ve read it, what I want to know is — what would you do if you were Rachel and you found out that John Paul killed your daughter so long ago. Would you turn him in immediately? Would you wait and see if you wanted to turn him in and just keep him wondering for weeks, months, even years? Would you punish him in other ways? And if you were Cecilia (John Paul’s wife) … what would you do!?! Would you keep his secret? Would you be able to stay married to him? Trust him? Sleep with him? 

I’m so curious if the circumstances in this story would change how you think you would deal with these same situations. I feel like it is a hard thing to admit that you would not turn in your husband. But if you had told Rachel, then would it just be up to her what she wanted to do?

Would love to know your thoughts!