Break Down Your Goals into Manageable Tasks

I am a huge believer in writing your goals down, or as I am calling them missions, because goal sounds boring and mission sounds like there is more passion behind it, which is what I want from you. I’ve created these free printouts for you so that you can break your huge scary goals that you never seem to accomplish (guilty!) into small items that you can get done. Breaking large goals down into manageable chunks seems so easy, but we often feel paralyzed thinking about everything that goes into the mission we have and then we don’t take action.

I’m going to explain how to use these four documents and tell you where you can download them after the jump.

Typically we all reassess our lives around the new year, so what a perfect time to begin thinking about our missions. Hence my tagline: the year of getting shit done. On the first document (above), think about some major missions you have that you really want to accomplish. Maybe it’s just one, maybe you have more than five and you need to print that page more than once. It can be any mission you have like, launch my online shop, start the blog I’ve been thinking about for a year… whatever the missions are that you need help with.

Then take each mission, and fill out a separate Mission Breakdown #1 form (below) for each one. Write the mission in the top colored box and then list the general things you need to do to make that mission happen. Things like, set up an online shop, get a business bank account, research manufacturers, etc. If you have more than 15 things that need to be done, simply print the form out again, or continue writing on the back of the sheet.

After the filling out the Mission Breakdown #1 form, if any of the items from that form need expanding on, or have several components to them, Mission Breakdown #2 is where you can expand on those items. In the top box you can write the mission and maybe a descriptive word about the number from Mission Breakdown #1, like: Start Online Shop / Get Bank Account. Then write down all the little things you need to do to make this happen. Even if they seem silly, like go to the bank, gather documents, research business accounts, writing them down and later highlighting them when they are accomplished assures that you won’t forget or procrastinate in doing them. When we break major missions down into simple manageable items, we can look at our list and think, I can do that. And, in my opinion, are much more likely to actually accomplish them.

So now you’ve got all of these lists you’re thinking, oh sheesh, this is a lot of lists and a lot of stuff I need to do! I suggest organizing these papers into a folder or small binder so you know where they are and they are all together. Pick a Mission Breakdown #2 (or if all of yours were described on the #1 form that is fine too) form that you can accomplish this week, and use the Weekly Missions form below to write in items each day that you WILL accomplish. After, and only once you have finished that item, highlight it on the Weekly Missions form, and the Mission Breakdown form. As you accomplish each number from each form, highlight it so you know you’ve done it.

If you can tackle a Mission Breakdown #2 form each week, or need two weeks to finish it, then you will begin to be able to highlight the numbers on that Mission Breakdown #1 form, which means you are getting closer to accomplishing that big mission you have!

Even if you only have ten minutes, find an item that you can do in that ten minutes! When you look back at the month, you’ll see all of the items you’ve highlighted and realize how much you can actually accomplish! No more looking back and thinking, What in the heck did I get done this week? How did I not do anything toward my goals this month? Did another year really go by and I haven’t done ____?

I hope this is helpful for you in achieving your goals! If you’d like any other coaching or consulting, please contact me at