Brunch at Flora Farms in Cabo

It doesn't get better than farm-to-table!

Chairs at Flora Farms in Cabo

Flora Farms is what brunch al fresco dreams are made of. If you are in or near Cabo San Lucas I highly recommend making reservations to eat at Flora Farms in advance — and make a day of it! Go an hour early and grab a drink at the bar — they are known for their Farmaritas — a margarita made with carrot juice. FYI — You will need a reservation!

It’s not just a restaurant, it’s sort of a compound that includes a restaurant, bar, cottages you can stay in, an event space, grounds to explore, a cooking school, a market where they sell all of their produce from — you guessed it — their farm!

The restaurant is farm-to-table so they only serve what is in season from their farm nearby. I went for brunch, but I’d love to go back for lunch and dinner next time I’m in Cabo!

Flora Farms is located closer to San Jose than Cabo, but you can easily drive or taxi there. The road is dusty and riddled with pot holes and you’ll be wondering if you are going the right way — you are. But when you arrive it’s a magical spot that is truly relaxing and delicious. But just so you know, the pricing is definitely big city US pricing. Don’t expect it to be cheap!

We just happened to be in Cabo during Dia de los Muertos and they had an altar contest, which you can see photos of some below.

You can read more about the owners, Gloria and Patrick Greene, here and here.

Side Salad at Flora Farms

Dia de los Muertos altar - Flora Farms

Brunch menu at Flora Farms in Cabo.

pancakes at flora farms cabo

Flora Farms in Cabo

Mary painting at Flora Farms in Cabo.

Brunch at Flora Farms

Dia de los Muertos altar

Photos by Meg Biram